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Friday 19th March 2021


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2 hours ago, PeachFuzz said:

It's Friday and for some reason I have that naughty streak of let's kick back and relax. This little devil on my shoulder can go back to wherever he came from, sneaky sh*t




it’s friday night. Great! Go out with friends to a movie. Leave that little nico sheet behind.

See the whole thing ... no sneaking out for a lung buster. No talk’en to that sheet at the one hour mark! Wanting you to go out for your ‘deserved pleasure’... miss the good bits for what?

End of the movie... walk out with you friends discussing the great show.. not having a cig as the most important part of the movie end.

Then the best bits. Off for a meal ( cause yes you can afford it now)

Thanks for the memory. My first cig free day was a movie and a meal. 

It was scary, sometimes unnerving experience. But it gets better. Promise.

regards  chris



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