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OK not an SOS nut man it hit hard

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Woke up feeling great again this morning, organized my Meds, made breakfast for my mom and I and got t work.  work going so well I decided to buy my crew steak and shrimp for lunch and then it happened !

After eating all full and content instead of wanting a nap it was a smoke, I couple see it smell it taste it and really, really want it.  Thank god I do not have anything stashed. 

My BPM have went fro 72 to 90 and the want is strong, , very strong.

I thought it would have passed by now, I pulled out all my old tricks sucking on a sugar free Carmel, sipping on a coffee and here i am attempting to write my way out.

It seems to be working, man that was almost an hour, haven't had a crave like that since the first week.

Not sure if I should finish my steak?  I don't think it was the food,  more like the satisfaction of a job well done and the conversation of a top notch crew the situation put me back where it was normal to celebrate with a smoke.

 OK heart rate is slowing back down, the want is almost all the way gone 1/2 a cup of coffee to go.

WHOOO HOOO I think I could use some of those endorphins we were talking about earlier

image.png.c9b97bcd2f2f8c58be2cd1e5add1ad87.pngOK  candy it is.


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Great Job!!!!  You recognized the situation and the problem then went thru your quit skills in a logical manner and even reached out to the board, though the crave was hard you put up the fight and made it through.  Pat yourself on the back and realize you have more tricks because of this in your bag now.  Keep Strong!!!!!!

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Yeah, it's not always a bad situation that brings on a strong desire to smoke.  I threw a perfectly good multi-year quit away two and a half years ago when I didn't have a care in the world.  Good on you for keeping your quit.  I really sucks to start over!

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Thank you guys,  couple more hours and my day will be done I will be home safe and secure.

I was happy to have the tools left in my bag, haven't had to open it in a while.

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