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Reflections of what was

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Funny how age helps you see clearer, even if your eyes are losing their sight.

Once I was invincible, no challenge left unchallenged, life was a pleasure.  I ran

 with my eyes closed for the thrill and now I find that I am not invincible that my

past has reeked havoc on my present. I sit around a ponder things as elderly people

do, refusing to admit I am getting up there.  I still climb mountains, I walk don't run, I

have learned to savor the moments that use to race by hardly noticed.

I appreciate my body for all the years it has held up to the abuse and neglect I have

put it thru, its time now for me to return the favor and care for it.  

Yes changing my direction and leaving behind the indulgences is not the simple path, 

it is a path with hills and valleys, obstacles, both big and small, challenges that  require

persistence, strength and determination.  I have a lot of life ahead of me, grand children

and great grand children that are going to need the love of their Opah and I plan on

being there to give it.  My eyes may be failing But I have 20/20 vision.

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Well said O...

Our body,s are truly amazing ...I wish you many many years of a healthier life style ...

I remember writing here ...after smoking for Over Five Decades....

I'm very grateful I'm still around to write ....millions have not been so lucky ...

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If you could pick any car or truck to own from the year you were born what would it be?

Me The 1959 Cadillac cyclone, before its time and priceless just like me !


image.png.7ec99252b5c39353583fdc9eb4ec76bc.png image.png.4bdcf23d5b9a3f6b95980270eeb178e8.png

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