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non-smoking DOGS


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@CbdaveOMG, so sweet, they do bring so much love, joy and happiness. Okay, I am so happy that I got to post something on the board. This is two of my babies, ZO at the left and Toby Jo at my right. Could not get by without them.  I will have to work on a picture of the third, the big boy. Tell us all about her, where, when, how she came to you!


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Ebonys 3 years old and came to us through a friend. She had a few setbacks in life. Her owners brother moved out of home and took his dog with him. So she lost her dog companion. Then her owner left home and couldn’t take her. She was left with the parents who are never home and work different shifts. Her yard wasn’t secure so she was tied up for various times day and night.

She became more and more anxious with the changes and lack of routine. They are good folks. Kind but couldn’t give her what she needed a pack of her own. Well she’s now got us two and my neighbour who will have her at the drop of a hat. 
She loves the yard and the doors always open so she comes and goes as she please. There’s been a lot of visits inside to check your still there though. She checks out the chickens , swears at the mailman, jumps in the fish pond, digs holes and generally doing the cool dog stuff. 
She is off the calming meds. We might have some problems but we’ll work that out as we go. Meanwhile it’s cool to have a dog again that just loves hanging out with you

PS Toby jo looks a lot like our summer did. She was a silky Shizu cross and passed last year she was 16. We knew a dog would find us they always do

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@Cbdave I am not sure of Toby Jo.  He was a rescue that was found in a field in the dead of a winter rainstorm.  He had been on his own for some time because he was just a ball matted fur and under weight.  He won the Momma lottery. He now gets plenty of food, a warm bed with Mom and sister dog.  He does not enjoy the groomer or the vet but has no choice.  

My little girl was adopted at the city pound. Zo was twelve weeks old when I brought her home.  I did get to meet her Mom and 3 sisters. My husband had passed about 9 months, I could still not get out of bed, our doctor said go get a puppy, it will make you get out of bed.  So, she is my little live saver.  She also does not like the vet but does not have to go to groomer.

I have a third now, Bear, an 80lb black chow.  His Dad died in April of 2020 and he became mine. This friend stayed with me for 3 1/2 months after a below the knee amputation.  He fell in love with my littles when he was here and got Bear after he was able to return home.  The weird thing is we had taken in a mixed breed chow also named Bear from our friend 30 years ago. This is the only pure blood dog I have owned.  He is the sweetest of the three.  He never gets upset at the littles even when they bark and snap at him.  The only problem is when I need to take him to the groomer or vet I need help because he can pull me down.


I encourage people to adopt dogs at the shelter or from rescue organizations. Most of the time there is not a problem with the dog, it was a problem with the owner.  They could not dedicate the time or resources to be a proper owner for an animal.  This is a lifetime commitment to an animal for their food, shelter and medical needs.  PLEASE ADOPT ANIMALS IN NEED/SPAY AND NEUTER/DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTERS. 


My husband was a mailman and always carried treats in his pockets.


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