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Let's do this! (for real this time)

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For the past year and a half, I've been trying to quit. It's like I want to quit but when I quit, I don't want to quit. Makes sense? To me, it doesn't really make any sense. 


My quit date is today, I have 3 left. I will quit around 15:15, Dutch time. That's in roughly 40 minutes. 


I want to quit for my dog, I promised her. I want to quit so I don't have to spent every single euro I have on tobacco. I want to quit so I can walk up the stairs without feeling like I'm going to die. 


I love with 4 smokers, so it won't be easy by any means. 


I'd like to ask for support, if that's alright. 

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Welcome Back, SamDy! We're always here to support, but it's up to you to do the work! The rules haven't changed, once you quit you become a non-smoker...let that become your mantra when the stinking thinking creeps in. "NOPE! I'm a non-smoker now!" Then find something else to do. I used chocolate in the beginning as a supplement to redirect my brain, it also mimicked the blood sugar/dopamine spike nicotine gives us...that happy feeling. 

It helps to know your enemy... google every thing about nicotine; find out how it's hijacked your brain. It has basically changed your brain to override the human nature of survival. Crazy. Read, read, read. An educated quit, a smart quit is a strong quit. You will always be a nicotine addict, but knowing that you never want to use again is powerful. 

I noticed some red flags in the way you present your quit: "It's like I want to quit but when I quit, I don't want to quit." "I love with 4 smokers, so it won't be easy by any means. " This is the addiction already creating outs for you to fail. You have to speak your quit into existence. I will quit! I want to quit!


There is a while train here that knows you can do it. We were once all hopeless cases of the worst smokers that could never quit; we all loved smoking, etc. UNTIL we found freedom and found out it's all a pack of lies we sucked down from the butts of little liars 20 at a time. You'll find that freedom too if you take the time to get to know the real SamDy. She doesn't want to smoke, and she'll be a stronger more powerful woman when you quit.

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Welcome back samDy, I agree with Jane, know your enemy. Stick close to the board and post if you feel yourself caving to a crave. All of us thought we couldn't quit until we got so sick of smoking and everything that goes with it that we did. 

And what a great Christmas gift you're giving yourself

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Welcome back .....it's about the Attitude ....Positive thoughts ...never negative ...after all there is nothing negative about saving your life fro a killer addiction.....

There is so much stuff here to Read ..so many videos to watch.....

Knowledge ...that what you will fight with ....you still believe that cigerette,s have something to offer ...

You need to correct this with knowledge ....

Just make that promise Never to stick anything in your mouth and set fire to it ....this is the main plan ,

Scream kick...do a million things ...just don't smoke ...

Glad your here ...you can do it .!!!

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