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Mac#23 & Jo's International Food Showdown


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@Mac#23 is trying to convince me biscuits should be served with gravy. Lumpy white gravy that looks not too pleasant. Now the first issue language biscuits are what Mac calls cookies. But a friendly bit of food sledging later I had a cunning plan....why don't we swap recipes and make each other's stuff...then taste it and rate it. Then I thought that @WeegieWoman is a keen little cook...she'll might be in on this...that would give us a tri nation tournament for our cup. Australia v US v Scotland....we could invite Reci, but really what does he have to offer maple syrup and poutine.


Step one...convince Weegie and Mac to play.


Step b....set the rules of engagement...inc scoring system.


Step iii.... select recipes...might wanna consult with your compatriots for that.


Step next....make sure the others can get the ingredients  in their countries. 


Step e.... set the date, make & rate.

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  • notsmokinjo changed the title to Mac#23 & Jo's International Food Showdown

Might I suggest for voting that each contestant take a pic of the food they created and post them in a poll? The one people are more likely to want just by the looks of it wins 🤔

Ooh, you could invite any country to enter to win then do brackets to pick the grand Prize winner!!!

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So...will need to remember that things that are not too expensive here and really common, maybe not so up north. 


Hmmm....rules out most native ingredients for me....might take lamb off the table too. 


Do we have 3 categories...1...4....????




Biscuit ....So for me that would be a "cookie" for Mac that would be some wierd looking mutant scone.

Main Meal...so meat and veg type th ikng, pasta..etc


Kids party food....seriously though we better not have this, I mean it's a given that I'll win...Aussies kick arse at kid party food, it's just a fact.


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I think we, the cooks, could also have points...I mean if we just leave it up to a vote all the Brits will vote for the Scots and all the yanks will vote for Mac and well little old me will just have Dave...that's too biased a system....cos well national pride. Lol... 


Public vote could be a part of it....Then we could have a point system.....look, smell, taste, would you eat again, ..... so maybe 3, 3, 3, & 1....so a p possible 10 points for each. 

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See.... so this challenge might go over a few weeks. I'm going the through me list of Aussie food...it's not all gunna be readily available overseas....fark, mighta bit off more than I can chew here.

At the moment everything I think of is dessert or soup or salad... or kiddy party food. Hmmmm.


Anything you won't eat @Mac#23???

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13 hours ago, notsmokinjo said:

biscuits should be served with gravy. Lumpy white gravy that looks not too pleasant.

Yum! Biscuits and gravy is a weekend breakfast special around here! I don't make lumpy gravy tho, unless you're talking about the sausage; which is the only way to make true biscuits and gravy😋 If you want the whole breakfast bowl experience, add a little scrambled eggs on top

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Jesus wept!!!

Enough muckn about. I’ll fire the first shot across the bow.


Keep it simple. A freshly egg layer this morning at dawn. Yes I’ve got chooks.

Poached in the microwave and onto a warm unbuttered toasted English crumpet. Cut through and watch the warm yolk run into those holes!

Salt cracked black pepper and consume 



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I'm okay with chicken, steak, sausage, turkey and even pasta. You choose either main course, stater(soup or appetizer), sandwich or even breakfast. If chicken is picked we will give each other a chicken dish and so on. 

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@Mac#23 send these guys the recipe and let the fun begin! I think you guys are really going to like it. And then too our foreign friends will be able to make a true biscuit and won't have to call their cookies that anymore hee,hee....

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