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That's disappointing to read jswiss. That's the problem with our addiction. One is never enough as I'm sure you saw by smoking two Saturday night. Nicotine is no different than any other  addiction. And trust me when I say that as long as you continue to romance smoking you will never be successful in quitting....

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Aww.....blimey ....sad.....

Romancing the cig......I bet it tasted like crap .!!!!!

Read up all the stuff here about this addiction ....

Watch Joel,s video,s.....

Watch those Documentaries....

Those evil companies work very hard to try and keep you hooked.....

They make heaps of money.....your money.....don't give them any penny......dime..or whatever....

Your life depends on it ....they don't care about that either !!!


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This addiction is powerful and uses your own mind to lure you back to feeding it. The thing is, you can control your own thoughts if you try. You really need to focus though. Your memories of smoking will only be the good memories , not the memories of all those mindless smokes you had day in and day out. Focus your mind on the good things quitting is bringing you and remember the reasons you quit in the first place. Those never change so don't let those reasons fade - write them down and look at them daily!

Now that you have awakened your addiction once again by smoking those two cigs, you will have to really double down on your quit efforts in order to be successful! Understand that and be prepared for some challenges again in the coming days. If you really want to quit, it's still there for you but you will have to work hard for it.

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We highly stress education and awareness of nicotine addiction. It's easier to fight an enemy you know. 

At the top of this page there are pages tacked with a green pin, go thru them, read everything...read it twice🤷  

Education is how we gain power over things like "romancing" and "cravings" You will learn that nicotine has actually changed the chemical make up of your brain, and you have to push the reset button.

We use sayings like Not One Puff Ever, Never Take Another Puff not because we're brainwashed, but because we've gotten to know our addiction. We know one puff will lead to another. 

Quitting is all in your head... it's as easy or as hard as you want it to be.


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I'm sorry to hear about your relapse Jswiss. You need to decide if you want to quit smoking or not. If you decide to become a non smoker then we will support all the way. I truly appreciate your honesty in regards to your relapse but we can not make this decision for you. Hop aboard the train and gain all the knowledge and support you will need to quit. Have faith in yourself to kick this habit.

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