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Sazerac - 7 years!


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Dear S. (aka Power House @Sazerac),
Today its your 7 year aniversary - congratulations!!

I admire you for your determination and hunger for knowledge. I know its been of tremendous help for so many readers on here. The effort you've put in teaching others and inviting them to come along is heartwarming to me. Your commitment has been amazing . And I hope today is about you!

I miss you on here, your way with words, I whish you only good things. Qtrain is not the same without you.

7 years, hurray hurray!! Will be thinking of you today!


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You're an inspiration for all of us newbies, I also want to Thank You for all the support you've provided to this forum, and to myself personally in my early days of quitting. 

Congratulations on your 7 fabulous year of freedom @Sazerac !  You deserve a standing ovation for this special occasion.




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This year Sazerac suggested that instead of thinking about a cigarette, quitters should look for:



That light on that leaf,

a color,

a beautiful cloud here for a moment,

the face of a loved one,

a special picture or painting,

listening to a song that you love,

reading a favorite poem or passage in a book.


You know your own beauty and how to find it.

Use this to your advantage.


Beauty is all around us and it only takes a little focus for the happy endorphins to rush around.


This is good advice for all of us.  Congratulations on seven Sally!

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Thank you everyone !  Great to read each and every one of you beautiful nicotine free creatures.


I celebrate EVERY DAY that I am nicotine free.

To see 2,555 days of power accumulate is astounding to me.


To all 'eyes' and newbies,

Please understand that I am not a special snowflake or unique in my desire for freedom from nicotine.


Everyone here has this desire and builds on their power to manifest their freedom from nicotine addiction.


Nothing in my life has been as empowering as this freedom

and I continue to honor and nurture it.


Last year, I wrote a 'Simple Guide To Freedom',

I will put in in my blog so that perhaps more will read and take heed.


Quitting smoking/nicotine is not that hard in the big picture and the benefits completely outweigh temporary discomforts.

Trust in yourself, commit to NOPE...

and LIVE to enjoy your freedom.


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