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Starting on day 3, struggling this morning. Got some not so good medical news. So my addiction is saying who gives a deal. and want to smoke. I don't have any so that's good. Just needed to rant. Why can't anything be easy????

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Rant away Linda, sorry about your not so good news and hope it's nothing too serious. Just another reason to be glad you quit.

Did you know that as an ex smoker you'll heal faster than when you smoked? It's our improved circulation from quitting 🤗

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5 hours ago, Linda said:

Why can't anything be easy????

Force yourself to discover what IS easy. There must be something.

Make a game out of it. Simplify life. 



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Hang in there Linda. As said before, this will get better. Kicking cigs is a big kick and really help boost your self esteem. Look for the silver lining behind those dark clouds. It is always there. Stay close to the board and help will be here if needed. Best wishes.

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