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Great job Linda. Yes, it seems like it's taking forever in the early days but I know for myself, time seemed to slow down in those first few weeks so be patient & hang in there. It WILL get easier. Not all of a sudden but it WILL happen. The key is you just have to stick with NOPE and the magic will happen for you. Treat yourself to something a little special for getting through 17 days :) 


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Yep, just what reci said Linda, it does seem like FOREVER in the beginning and then before you know it you're celebrating your first year quit and looking back and thinking that wasn't so bad :)

Congratulations on 17 days, that really is GREAT!!!

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Hang in there Linda, this bumpy road will end soon. 

Just keep in mind that you're no longer addicted to Nicotine, so enjoy your Freedom and you'll feel much better.

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This is Amazing Linda ...

Turn all your negative thoughts into positive ones ....Your free.....

Your where.. every smoker would secretly love to be .......

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3 minutes ago, Linda said:

 Tried to quit many times failed many times


The same with me.  I made multiple attempts but finally did quit for good and do not regret it one bit.


It can be quite rough early on but you are doing the right thing.  Just keep taking it one day, hour, minute, at a time and it will get better.  Your early struggles are definitely worth a smoke free life long term.

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