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Hey all , figured I would start a new thread here. Still smoke free since shortly after the Super Bowl, so almost 3 months. Not going to lie, it’s been a challenge for my body, especially with the Covid situation, the anxiety levels and such have been escalated to unreal measures. 

I have a question for you all , has anyone had sinus issues post quit. My problem is , extremely dry nose, when i blow my nose very little (chunky) comes out with a little blood. These issues have also caused ear issues 😤. It’s been happening since the very beginning of April. Extremely frustrating. Doctor believes I have sinusitis that may have moved to the the ear. 
ugh , usually thought sinus issues are only when the nose is running like crazy , guess I was wrong. Was prescribed Augmentin and nasal spray. Hopefully it clears the infection and the spray hydrates the nose. This is driving me crazy and making me believe all sorts of things are wrong. 

any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 
it’s hard seeing a doc here in michigan with the shutdown but finally broke down and went. 

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Congratulations on your quit, @AndrewAsh

I am glad you sought medical attention.  Infections are serious business.


Hopefully, you can learn some techniques to deal with your anxiety issues like deep breathing, meditation, exercise.  All of which will help you through these dark days.

Smoking only exacerbates disease and is it's own stress self generator.


I had horrible sinus issues when I smoked, they abated when I quit.

Another issue was my teeth,  an underlying cause of sinusitis that western medicine ignores.


Have a look at an anatomy book and you will see how everything is connected.


I find Lymphatic Drainage Massage to be a helpful component to my wellness




I do not know whether you are on any other medications to help you deal with your anxiety etc but

here is a video

Medication Adjustments That May Be Necessary After Quitting Smoking



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Hi Andrew, at three months quit I doubt your sinus issues are a quitting symptom. With the freaky weather we all have been experiencing plus the stay at home orders it could be allergies causing your problem.

I'm glad you saw a Dr and you have a recovery plan. I use a saline nose spray that helps a lot because of allergies and the cannula. 

hope you feel better soon and congratulations on three months quit 😊

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Yes it seems that inflammation in the sinuses is causing drainage into the ears and throat. Hopefully the antibiotic and the nasal anti inflammatory work. 
doctor thinks it’s a combination of stopping smoking (this has been bothering me for 4 weeks so it’s not recent) , the stay at home orders being locked inside and allergies. 

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Congratulations on close to 3 months quit Andrew! I have had a little sinus thing too post quit...I think it was allergies and needing to hydrate more. I'm basically all good now.  Yours will pass too.

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