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VIDEO: Smoking and The Coronavirus (+ follow-up video)

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Video explains how smokers face increased risks of serious consequences if they get infected with the Corona (Covid-19) virus and how they may be more susceptible to this virus as well as many other infectious conditions because of their smoking.



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Joel:  In my last video on smoking and coronavirus, the last paragraph of information combined two interrelated ideas that may need SEPARATE ATTENTION due to the current critical importance of each one. In that paragraph, the point was made that a commitment to quitting smoking and never taking another puff was even simpler than hand washing or avoiding public places. This was not meant to be a “one or the other” choice. The commitment to stop smoking and stay quit, AS WELL AS the precautionary measures to prevent yourself from contracting the virus are BOTH REALLY IMPORTANT to your health.


I’ll explain a bit further as follows:


The first point is that REGARDLESS of your smoking status, due to the current threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic, it is really important that we ALL practice the precautionary measures recommended by health professionals to prevent spread of the virus. This includes hand washing, avoiding public places, social distancing, etc.


The second point Is that how well people recover if they contract the coronavirus seems to depend in part on their level of risk for respiratory and other complications. This means that your smoking status now is an independent factor that contributes to your risk of complications from the coronavirus. As I’ve described in many other videos over the years, your smoking status is also an independent risk factor for complications from many other health conditions.


So of course, you want to make sure to decrease your risk of getting the virus by being vigilant about hand washing, avoiding public places, social distancing, and whatever other updated recommendations we are ALL given by national health officials, our doctors, etc.. However, smoking cessation and staying quit can ALSO help you reduce your INDIVIDUAL risk of complications from the coronavirus, as well as the risk from many other health conditions.




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