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Our Jillar is not well just now !!!


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I'm home and what a journey,  I spent January 18-24 !n ICU with respiratory failure from a viral infection I caught from my husband. Ct scan came back terrible with severe emphysema and two nodules on my right lung. Diagnosis at that time was 50\50 that I would recover or go home with hospice.

What's crazy is I had no idea I was so sick. I just thought my asthma wasn't well controlled!  I had just seen my pulmonologist January 11 telling him yet again that I was getting so winded doing easy things like showering or dressing. He added Spiriva and said see you in four months so I figured it must be in my head since my primary kept telling me that the weight loss I have had the last two years was from anorexia and to drink a shake everyday. He also said my ridiculously high blood pressure was fine. 

So I again went about my days talking myself down from the panic when the shortness of breath brought me to my knees, literally. 

Unfortunately on Saturday the 18th I just couldn't and hubby called the ambulance. I don't have any recollection after the paramedics picked me up and carried me to the ambulance. My hubby said they had to strap my arms down because I kept pulling off the cpap mask. I totally missed Sunday and didn't come around until Monday heavily sedated to keep me calm.

I'm lucky though because at the time I had my ct scan the pulmonologist said even if it was cancer they wouldn't do anything about it because of my condition and now that I'm doing so much better he's willing to take me as a patient and do my follow up scan in two months.

So I'm home on oxygen, lots of new drugs and hopefully a better team of Drs to help me take good care of myself. I'll miss my old Drs because I liked them but I can't survive something like that again. 

The one take away I would say is be your own advocate, I should have listened to my gut as I watched my health deteriorate. Instead I chose false hopes and it Damn near killed me.......

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G’day Jillar

Im sorry to hear that you’ve been so sick. I had no idea. Here’s praying that you get better sooner rather than later :)

I know it’s easy to say don’t worry about those nodules but please they are more likely to be benign.  I have more than a passing interest in growths in the lungs. I have them they were discovered in the tests before my prostate cancer OP. Multiple under 1 cm and in both lungs. The prostate cancer was more advanced so I went into the OP for that. The nodules are still there 3 1/2 years later and aren’t growing. They recon they are the damage left from the pneumonia that lead to me giving up the cigs in the first place. Crazy thing is the last ct scan the doc that gave me the results said “are you going to start smoking again! “ Now that’s not happening I can tell you that. 

Hang in there. It will all go well 



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