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Well done that is excellent, how have you done it.  My new healthier eating started today too.  Hristmas chocs all gone, going to cut my sugar intake down a lot this year.

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I did get a few recipes from the Keto Diet Plan online,  but I  haven't as yet followed any diet plan, I have just used the ideas, got my new shopping list done,  and cut out bread and cakes, which is still difficult for me because my rewards were a cake and coffee outing. I am enjoying it now, but the first day or so was misery.  My aim is the same as yours at the moment, to cut out cakes and bread which are both high in carb content, and includes sweetness together with the carbs. I will experiment further in a weeks time. Its the shopping that did it I bought only some of the ingredients in the Keto diet, but follow my own agenda for now. I can give you the ingredients for snacks and some ideas to start your shopping list off if you like, but like I said its not a strict diet which has never worked for me really. 

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Thank you, it’s snacks that I get stuck with, as I’m keeping my fingers out of the biscuit tin, and crisp bags.

ive bought satsumas instead of biscuits, and I have a few walnuts. I haven’t had any biscuits as yet this year haha.

keep it going.

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Snacks:  have tried celery and peanut butter, surprisingly nice. Very thin cracked pepper cracker biscuits (just one)  with cottage cheese: (not keen on the crackers) Snacking all day on one low-carb nutrition bar. I like this idea, just have to remember not to eat more than a small bit each time - lasts until dinner.


I have bought a Latte coffee machine, and thought I could have this instead of a snack. Works ok when its made, its getting it made that is a bit of a bother, I have boiled it over 3 times, but tried it with coconut milk and real milk - this is nice. The froth reminds me of cream and looks delicious, so its a treat at home. I will get better at it.


I love the Lettuce Leaf idea, with sliced cucumber (long strips) and any other topping, so far have had cream cheese, Oil dressing, tomatoe, and even sliced boiled egg. Avocado is good but the Avocado goes brown if I leave it for more than a day in the fridge. 


Different fruits, like Blueberries strawberries and Mango with a small amount of yoghurt and whipped cream is delicious, I have this in the afternoon, or as a snack in the evening. (keeps me regular too) I need to stop putting too much yoghurt and cream on though.  I have weighed myself twice, and haven't taken any more weight off. So I will lesson my intake next. '


I haven't had one slice of bread and do miss this, I have had one cake and coffee out in the last three weeks, but that's because I forgot my low carb snack bars. 


I will weigh myself in another 2 weeks time I feel thinner that's about all. My exercise routine is going well. I do this in between my Art , which releases the build up of stress or pressure.  

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I wonder if air-snacking, analogous to ... I think it's Jillar's or Doreenfree's air-smoking suggestion ... would work?  Just go through the motions of snacking on chips or cookies.  I swear I am going to try it! 

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