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Thursday 20th June 2019

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Good morning fellow NOPErs and welcome to another day of freedom. So for those of Irish Catholic descent don't forget to be hangin' a bunch of yellow flags on ya door for Corpus Christi Day and Poppin off to mass for the sacrament.....but religion aside, today is World Refugee Day...considering a fair wack if my mob were boat people refugees (came to Aus fleeing the Great Hunger in Ireland) this holds meaning...refugees and a refugee crisis us not a new thing within the history of the world but here are some startling facts, in 2019 the world refugee population exceeded 70million...so for some perspective people that is twice as many people as live in the whole of Canada, or that is all the people who live in the UK and Ireland combined and it is almost 3 times as many people as live in the whole if Australia...more than half of these refugees are kids, Pakistan has more refugees living there than any other country....sobering thoughts to have with ya weetbix. Oh well shortest day if the year tomorrow (longest for you northern mob).


Will I ever put something in my mouth and burn it again....NOPE!! not one puff ever ....

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