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Florida window licking party


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Can't find smarti's post but anyone still getting it together in Florida near 4th of July?


Wife and I will be there that weekend saw on buddybook that smarti bought new luggage....

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Here's the original post from Marti...it is not looking as if I am going to make it...


I am going to Florida!! I arrive Friday June 27th and am around for celebrations and drinkies until Fri 5th as I'm off to a party and the beach after that. I will need a search and rescue cause screw driving on the wrong side of the road haha. Soooooo excited!!! If anyone is there and wants to meet up I would love it. xx

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I'm still going to Florida!! I arrive on Friday 28th, I have Mouselands booked if you wanna meet there...for Saturday (animal kingdom) and Sunday (magic kingdom). No plans on Monday/Tuesday yet...more then welcome to come see me at my sisters house, she has a pool and I can do munch..or the girls and I can probably get my sister to drop me to a disney park on the Tuesday to meet up, she said she could drop and dump me at one before she goes to work lol. She's having a party on 4th July, which is also her 10 year wedding anniversary...you guys are more than welcome to that, she has other friends coming I think and my family is all sociable and friendly. So pick your best :)


New luggage is lovely!! I'm so frigging excited!!!!! 

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We arrive same day. But about an hour North in the Villages.  Won't be coming to animal kingdom but Sunday might work...who am I kidding....Will drink too much Saturday to want to be around all those kids in the heat.   My kids come over on 3rd but maybe drive down to see you Monday -Wednesday some time    wife wants to shop the outlets there and give us something to do  

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I am in! So humid, man I was not ready for this with my pasty Viking hues of pearly white skin. Imma burn today 😳


anyway, I am available for consultation Monday/Tuesday, day or evening so shout with best timings for you guys. 

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On 6/29/2019 at 9:15 AM, Doreensfree said:

Have a great time you guys .....this will be fun ....some pic,s please ....xx


You're asking for vacation pictures of Bakon in Florida?


Careful what you wish for.


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