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Yes! I have been quit since Jan 14th. I intend on staying quit for the rest of my life. I was committed even though I was so depressed. I too think it's fun to reinvent myself. I love being able to go places and not worry about smoking.  In fact, I have just begun to recognize the benifits of quitting. I would like to say that it's really not benificial for people to tell you that depression isn't real. It is a very real chemical imbalance in the brain. It stands to reason that you could have an imbalance when your comming off a drug as addictive as nicotine. I would like to thank you, Sazerac,  for always being supportive and keeping me positive. I don't stay on my phone or computer a lot so I don't really check that often. I do plan on being just as supportive to others that are having a difficult time. I just had to get whole within myself before I could be positive for others.

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Hi solo, so glad you're starting to feel better. Those first months are brutal so I know what a relief it is to finally get some relief. Hopefully your husband will see that he too can quit and join you in your new smoke free life :) 

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I am so glad you are rocking your quit, @Solo !

I try to keep abreast of things and I was sorry to learn that I missed your Blog completely.


Luckily with education (we are in the 21 Century ffs), most people understand more about depression.

The days of, 'get over it, it's just in your head' are OVER.

Our brains are complicated universes.


I am so happy to hear you are feeling 'whole within myself' again.

Now, the benefits of being nicotine free will really kick in.


Remember, your quit is still young.

Stay alert and vigilant...there may still be a few triggers to conquer and brain receptors to get back on the good foot.

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