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Hang in there just like you are! I too have such rough times! I am not in any loop here but I do come here and read and read....I do love your posts!

I am still using patch but things are better all the time...small steps....

Camped and hiked all weekend with my 7 year old grandson this past weekend....I kept up...but can't wait til I can breathe even better .....best part....no hiding out to smoke....NOPE

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Remember that every time you do battle with this addiction that tries to keep you a slave to serving it's needs, you are breaking down your "smoker's brain" and laying the foundation for the rest of your non-smoking life. It does happen ..... a little at a time. Small battles in a big war :) 

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Maybe seeds are planted.  Don’t water them, shove them in a place void of light and they will die. 


You are are in control. 

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14 hours ago, Whispers said:

This helped me at times... "Move a muscle change a thought"!




This is great !  and now in my head forever.

Thank you.


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