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Sslip is 5 Months Smoke Free!


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Congratulations @Sslip on being 5 months quit.


Sometimes its easy to forget you are only 5 months quit with the amount of valuable support and care you show to everyone on the QT. We are all so proud to be sharing our journeys with you because it makes it easier to NOPE each day knowing your there to give us a hand when or if we need it. So for putting in all the work you have to keep your quit and everyone else's, we say well done. You have a fantastic quit happening over there in Kent. Make sure you do something special today to celebrate you achievement and do something to spoil yourself this month not just everyone around you.



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Hey Sslip Congratulations on your 3 months of freedom from nicotine slavery! You have built your self a solid quit there and have been such a mentor to other newbies at the same time. Thanks for your contributions here. You make this quitting thing look easy :)




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clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon.gif Whoop whoop, congrats on 5 months quit slippy... What a star.. You really have a fantastic quit going and are a great support on this board, from games (they are some people's salvation you know?) to jumping in there in sos's or when you think someone needs a hand..


Aaawww shucks you're just a lovely person and I am glad to call you my friend (even though you're from Englandshire but let's keep that one quite..!!) hope you do something special to celebrate..?


In the meantime as I had some spare time on my hands (as i dont have my morris dancers to do) and there are no ends to my talents so I fashioned you this cake..? 




Sheesht reading that back it sounds like I've joined the slippy fan club... Mmmmm wonder when I get my badge Jillar, can I see th T&C's before I sign?

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Shane, it's so great to celebrate your five monthaversary with you! You are such an important part of this board and such a caring person. Your support and friendship is invaluable and I hope you celebrate your success because you've earned it! :) In celebration of your five months I got you a couple pool toys to replace that silly ring you seem to love so much :)





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Thank you all, I'm enormously grateful to every one of you here. 


And it seems that the wee lasses know that the way to my heart is through my stomach. So tuck in everyone and enjoy the feast at the quit train table. 


While we're at it @jillar I'll have a quiet word with you, I thought we agreed that the pictures from your pool party weren't to be shared.


I can't pretend it's all plain sailing but this far in my resolve is stronger than ever. 

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