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Death Bed Promises


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Today is my Mom's death day anniversary (lung cancer)


She died the day before my youngest daughter's 6th birthday.


For the next 4 years, my daughter cried herself to sleep the night before her birthday.

(we never mentioned my mom at that time, she simply remembered)


On her death bed, my mom asked me to to promise her I would quit smoking.


I made that promise to her - never intending to keep it.


That was 31 years ago..........




While I'm here.................


I would like to say something to any lurkers reading this -


I smoked for over 46 years (some people here have smoked even longer than that)


I am a serial quitter with many failed attempts under my belt


If you are here at the Quit Train, you probably are thinking about quitting


I hate to sound cliche, but if I can do it - anyone can do it


So please take a leap of faith, stop thinking about it, you can do it...you can quit smoking!


You will find strength you never new you had


One day at a time... some days may be rough, but sometimes life is rough


There is always someone here for you, you will NEVER be alone in this


Put down the excuses and do this for you! 

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Beazel, thanks for this post. You are keeping your promise now. I also quit smoking after many failed attempts and am so happy to be free of that horrid addiction that steals life and loved ones away.

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Hi Beazel,


Your mother must be very proud of you. Your daughter even more! And last but not least: you.


O, btw I’m proud that we both walked the walk together.




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It's a reminder that we ultimately have to choose to do this for ourselves. Your family is undoubtedly very proud of you as are we. 


KTQ indeed my friend. 


A very powerful post in memory of your mum.

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Well done Beazel. You sound a lot like me. Lots of practice at quitting (failed attempts), I smoked for many years and my Mum died of lung cancer too. I remember when she was dying I kept thinking I should quit smoking but I can't.


We need the right support and education to quit and it is definitely doable. 


I appreciate seeing you here on the board. ☺️

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Great post Beazel. My mom also died of lung cancer, but I continued to smoke for a long time after that. You and I are both quit now for over a year, and you have been an inspiration to me all along the way. I'm so glad that I have been able to share this journey with you. Thanks for this post and so many others before.

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