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Welcome to the 6th month of the year and its POETS day... the start of the southern winter and the northy summer... In the USA it is national camping month.... in Aus it is bowel cancer awareness month... so we should all spend a night in a tent and make sure we eat our fruit, vegies and roughage. As for special days... I think we should all join Charleston, South Carolina and celebrate "Say Something Nice Day" ... I mean every day should be say something nice but try to say something nice to a stranger today, it might be the only nice words they have had all week.


So.... to start my day I say:


 NOPE ... cos nothing controls my life but me.


Topic of the day: (its a re-visit) Heros, whatever shape or form you define them.....

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3 minutes ago, MrTitwank said:

Im on the 31th but i am noping right away! NOPE!

I am a traveller from the future.... down here in Aus we get to do everything first. Oh and happy 2 year, 2 month anniversary for 1st June. ?

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1 hour ago, catlover said:

I am 4 months quit today...yayyyyyyy ?



Now you are making me do something I never do which is post in the following day's nope thread.


But this is a big deal, I'm so very happy for you, you've caught up with me now (at least for a week).


Huge congratulations!

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And yay, Friday hugs just as I Nope. Morning Fluffy ?


Seems I keep editing this post. Double figures for Fluffy as well, today is a good day!

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nope. I know im not on here a lot . but im still smoke free and will always be im on facebook a lot . babs can tell you that. if you want to know my facebook friend name ask I will check in and let you know by pm . got to go stay smoke free my friends .

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