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lml you didnt take it back up did you? I mean cause like "hit close to home"


Also for Sunny -

I just read one of your blog entries and it mentions your husband smokes. Any chance you could get him to quit? I know you thought that already. The thing is that it is harder to stop or even maintain a "quit" when there is strong temptation.

And just think - having real-life support would be way more effective than just being on a website. Yeah forums can be good but have limits.

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I read it like that too jb, wondered if lml smoked but i dont think she has.


My hubby social smokes. And his social smoking incurred my one and only wobble in my quit. But my pals talked me round and got me through a moment of weakness. And they said dont let his smoking jepordise my quit. Which is a message i hold on to, to this day. Just saying it is possible to have a strong quit whilst with a smoker, though obvoiusly its not ideal. As ever, just need to get your head round it. And reaching out to my pals was the difference between keeping my quit and losing it....so reach out if you need to!!! 

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It's natural that as new quitters we would be rattled when someone who came online around that time we did relapses. Kind of kick in our confidence and makes us wonder if the same thing will befall us but, we need to remember that each one of us is a different person and we make that quit smoking commitment to ourselves when we quit, no one else. It's on us as individuals in the end to quit and stay quit.


Yes it's sad and upsetting to all of us when someone decides to pick up a cigarette and smoke again after they have worked hard for some time to quit but, we shouldn't see those individuals as an extension of ourselves. We are all different. Making the right choices is up to each individual person.


Enjoy your beautiful quits everyone. And those that are still young quits, nurture them well as you have been doing and you'll be fine :) 

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Sunny, as others have already said, the sooner you get back on this train, the better. It’s still in the station, for God’s sake!  Don’t make yourself have to run for it!  Get back on now before you get too deep in the grip of the addiction.  Hurry!

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