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  1. @Lilley Thanks, If you ever figure out how to get out of your cycle please let me know.


      I don't know how to not think about quitting all the time. Distractions help me some, but I still have to face this even after the distraction has done it's job.


    The biggest stressor in my life is my inability to manage this addiction. I'm lucky in a way, I am not under much stress.  I don't think that my addiction is any different than anyone else's. Mine's not worse than others here. My ability to manage my addiction is where I am different from others who have succeeded at quitting smoking.  I know that I am not alone. 


    That only leaves one thing that you mentioned, "I want the end goal but I don't want to put the work in". Sounds right for me.

    Take Care!

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  2. @Doreensfree I am doing alright! I come here almost everyday and read, but don't post when I'm smoking. I smoked three days when I threw my three month quit away. Then I quit again for three weeks,then lost that also. I've been quit again for just a short time. I can't see any reason to come on here and bother people about the cycle I've been in for the last year. I've been given all the information about quitting smoking that can be given in all those old treads. I read them and I am thankful to everyone on this forum for being so helpful. It's been a full year now of 10 different quits, or stoppages.

    It's all on me at this point and really always was!  I will admit that it's as hard to walk away and give up the fight, like I tried to do, as it is to try and stay quit. It's on my mind either way.

    Take Care!


  3. @Kate18  Thanks, I understand what you are saying.  I'll just keep on quitting, or stopping, and maybe something will happen in the future that causes it to stick.

    I tried to just walk any from my last quit and forget about it. Take all that stress of staying quit off my mind.   It didn't work!  I just kept thinking about how I needed to not be smoking.  I started another quit three days later and I'm still struggling to keep it.  But that's nothing new to me.  Everyday is a struggle with cigarettes, quit or not.  Maybe I'll just end up having not smoked more days this year than last. Take Care!

  4. @Doreensfree Yes, I am ready to stop smoking again! When I'm quit, all I do is think about staying quit. When I'm smoking, all I think about is quitting. I thought I could just forget about it, but I can't. I stopped seven times last year alone. I guess I'm headed for the same fate this year.

    @AngeleekThanks, I think I know what you are saying. Maybe not?  I did not smoke for a total of 121 days last year.  Even if I couldn't quit completely, I helped myself a little bit.

    @reciprocity Your correct, I used the wrong word. I threw it away!

    @bakon Yes it was nasty, reminded me of how I felt when I found out I was dating my first cousin.

    Take Care My Friends! 

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  5.   I lost my quit yesterday, Easter Sunday.  I sabotaged it myself.  I waited the 24 hrs. before smoking, but I didn't come here and post an SOS. I had submitted an SOS just a little ways back and I  went back and read all those great responses. I guess I didn't want to be talked out of it. 

    Again, just like all the other attempts, I never fully committed. I just didn't smoke. Without that commitment my whole quit was harder than it needed to be and ended in failure.  No excuses,  I made the choice to smoke! 

    I want to thank everyone here for your support and encouragement over these past months.

    I have no idea where I am headed now. Without a full commitment to quit smoking on my part, it's a futile effort.

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  6.  I'm sorry that you have not been able to quit again!  You quit before for a long time!

    You said that you needed to find a reason to quit. Didn't you have reasons for quitting before? Aren't those reasons as valid now as they were before?

    I'll try to give you a few that might mean something to you. There are lots of other reasons to quit, but non as important as these!


    Smoking kills, on average, 1,200 Americans. Every day.


    More people die every year from smoking than from murder, AIDS, suicide, drugs, car crashes, and alcohol, Combined.


    Smoking causes heart disease, emphysema, acute myeloid leukemia, and cancer of the mouth, esophagus, larynx, lung, stomach, kidney, bladder, and pancreas.


    Smoking also causes reduced fertility, low birth weight in newborns, and cancer of the cervix.


    I got this warning off of a pack on Malboro reds.  I keep it close, so I can read it if I need it! 

    Big Tobacco was ordered by a federal court to put this on their product. But it really lets Big Tobacco off the hook. It takes the liability off them and puts it squarely on the user.

    Just saying!

    I hope that you will find your reason and come back here soon!

    Take Care! Jeff



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  7. The struggle, at times is almost too real! 

    If I didn't have all these health problems, I would not be putting myself through this quit process.  I would still be smoking just like I have been for the past 50 years. But I have found that all those cigarettes I smoked were just a slow form of suicide.  I can't go back and undo the damage I've done to myself!

    I look at it like this.

    I have two choices, I can just keep smoking and not have to struggle with quitting, or I can try to make it through this quit process and maybe live a little longer.

    The only thing that keeps me here, trying, is that I feel selfish.  I would be leaving my wife alone to deal with things. My sister died, so I am the one who takes care of my father. That's almost a full time job. But he needs me! He worked hard and made sure that I had what I needed when I was young. I feel like I owe it to him to be around for as long as I can.

    I'm rambling, so I'll get off here!

    I hope you are having a better day today! Try to be Happy about what you are doing!


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  8. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble right now! I understand!

    Last week I felt the same way. I also said that if I lost my quit I would not try again. That was a stupid thing for me to say, but at the time I said it, I meant it!  I'm sure you mean it also.

    I am going to tell you what you told me. "You have come so far to give up now, and I can't afford to lose another quit partner."

    I could be wrong, but you and I are all that is left of the people who quit when we did.  I have also seen a least 20 people, in the last three months, come here and say they are quitting, only to never be heard from again.  I do feel bad that they couldn't stay quit!  Breaking this addiction is hard work!  You and I have been doing that work and we should feel better about it than we do.

    I don't understand why we have days like you and I are having at this point, but I have decided to hang on for awhile longer.  I need to do this for my health.  I don't know what your reasons for quitting are, but they are just as valid now as they were the day you quit.

    I hope that this gets better for you soon! You Can Do This!

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  9. I never have drank coffee, but my wife makes a pot every morning and I love the smell of it!

    I am retired, but my wife still works.  So I am alone a lot.  I mostly only have my own negativity to deal with.

    I would try to stay away from negative people, if you can, while you are early in your quit.  At some point you will have to learn how not to get caught up in it. Negativity seems to be in all our lives from time to time.

    Your Doing a Great Job of Quitting Smoking!!

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  10. Welcome to the Train! You will find everything you need here to help you on your journey to being an ex-smoker. Talk to the people here!  Unless the people you said you couldn't talk to are ex-smokers, they really won't understand anyway.  It's not their fault, they just haven't been where your at.

    What Mee said is right.  It is normal for us to feel sad because we think we have lost our best friend.  

    Congratulations on the nine days quit! That's Great!

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  11. @Boo You are correct!  I should not have used the word fate.  I used it as an excuse.  I don't buy into that way of thinking about most things, so I shouldn't have used it here either.

    I'll try to think of a better word, or better way of saying it. Thanks!

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  12.  I am Back, and I am still not smoking!  I didn't want to post on here early in the day because I wanted to be sure I did not smoke today.

    Now my window is closed, in order to smoke I would have to go through the same process again.


    Thank everyone of you for your support.  I really appreciate it. This fight is far from over, and this could happen again.  I'm still shaky and my mind is still wondering in different directions at different times.

    These three things saved me from going back to smoking. 1) Posting this SOS and waiting for responses.

    2) As part of my quit plan I could not just pick-up. I had to wait 24 hrs. after deciding to do so, before I actually did. 3) I don't have any cigarettes around me or near me. I think I would have given in if they were readily available. I live in a very rural area. There are no stores close. I would have had to go out, drive about ten miles round trip. I just couldn't make myself do it. Too lazy I guess!


    @reciprocity  I understand that nothing has changed in all this time. I still lack the commitment needed to actually quit! I do want to quit! But there is something lacking in me mentally. You are correct in what you say!  If I don't succeed this time, I'm going to quit trying and accept this as my fate! As you say, and I know, it is torture! Thanks for the honesty!


    @bakon  Wow! I wish you were still around here also! I'm not that thin skinned, so we would have had fun!  I read all five pages of the post that you bumped up to me last night. Thanks, it really helped! I found some wisdom in there.  You definitely have a different way of looking at things, but it works for you! That's all that counts!

    All of the dumb people are not concentrated in one state. That's the only thing I am sure of right now!

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  13.  This is not an urgent SOS. I am not going to smoke today!

    I am writing this because I promised myself that I would post an SOS here before I gave up. I also promised myself that I would not smoke for 24 hrs. after deciding that I was going to.

    I am worn out from working everyday on not smoking.  I mean I am bone tired of never doing anything but concentrating on not smoking.  As I've said before, I've never quit smoking, only stopped for different lengths of time.

     I want to Thank all of you for your support!

    Your a great group of people with much knowledge on quitting smoking.



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  14. Welcome Back!

    I'm sure you will be able to quit again!  I agree with Mee,  your mother probably knows you are smoking.  My father was a cigar smoker and I could smell it everywhere.  It seems like cigar smoke is stronger than cigarette smoke.

    Good Luck!

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  15. @Linda I am sorry that life is throwing you some curves right now. I hope that things will be better for you soon. You've got a lot of time and effort invested in your quit. Please don't throw it away. You already feel bad about your life situation, and if you give up your quit you will only feel worse. I need you to hang in here with me! We are about all that is left of the people who quit when we did! Smile if you can!


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  16. @PeachFuzz  There is a definite connection between drinking and smoking, at least for me.  I quit drinking about three years ago.  I knew that I could never quit smoking while I was drinking. I had to do them in order, drinking first.  I never drank at bars or clubs, only at home.  I drank when the day was over and I was sure I wouldn't have to go out until the next day.  The effect was the same.  I smoked more while drinking.

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  17. @jillar Thanks for bumping this up. I have read something like it before, but it didn't apply to smoking. It was probably about grieving the death of a loved one.

    I have completed most of these five steps, but not all of them and not necessarily in that order. I'm still struggling with the acceptance phase in the process. There are two things in that phase that really stick out when it comes to my quitting smoking. They are;  Reject the feeling that you have given something up and I am an ex-smoker. I just don't think that either one of those statements apply to me yet. Maybe someday they will.

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