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  1. OK no need to elaborate , cigarettes are poison . How long does it take to clear your body from the cigarette poisoning ? 5 days ? Anyway i will be a very clean smoke free person before that 25th of Christmas Cigarettes are nothing but poison
  2. Thanks for the reply jillar , babs609 I think its around the same time Anyway i am not trying to think or talk about the positiveness of nicotine , i know how bad cigarettes and its chemicals are I had the same issue whenever i smoked , a light headedness feeling and most of the time i thought i was going to throw up too OK , so the third day without smoking starts very soon Thanks for all the replies .
  3. OK jillar , https://www.forbes.com/sites/sallysatel/2015/06/19/nicotine-can-save-lives I am not sure if this is considered negative , But every time i smoked cigarettes it had some strange positive effects The above stuff in the quote was one of the reason i smoked . Now when i stay away from smoking i feel dull . But nowadays i am trying to fight the dullness too Fixed the date format , now its in day / month / year format
  4. There are ups and downs when dealing with quits babs609 Its not a very stable state of mind . I have to control that somehow like mind over matter thing . I am only writing about my own experience . I am someone who like to type a lot . OK i will try harder not to write any negative comments .I am not deliberately trying to misdirect other people here ...
  5. Oh hi BKP , Its just the same me trying different avatars nothing much . I am only writing my experience .I am a person who have quit at least 4 times after 3 years of chain smoking . First time was a 5 day quit from smoking The second was a 4 months quit The third again was a 6 day quit . Even i am not loving it when i smoke again . Every time i try to narrow down the causes , Sometimes it was music .Most of the times it was music listening behind my pc . I am 5th semester student of commerce too , so with cigarettes i was trying to take a break from the studies . Last time after a 7 day quit i had to wait for my result for 15 days , that was very annoying . Anyway all that aside , i learn a lot of new things every time . I am not encouraging anyone to smoke , i myself hate it to the max . I am very serious this time and thanks for all the supports
  6. Yes that is correct , not smoking since 7/11/2018 Yes i also want to be free from all the nicotine products before this Christmas . I am trying very hard since most of my friends have moved away to far away places after 2018 , Job related . I am kind of feeling very lonely these days .That could be one of the reasons for these really stupid cravings . But i am fighting it really hard . Too much time in front of computers is making my head explode . I have been trying meditation too Thanks
  7. Hello forum , i am back again . I am ShaolinMonk , Pottanramu My last account was banned because some people thought i was trolling Well i was not ... I quit smoking on 7/11/2018 after 3 failed attempts . I want to be a clean person before Christmas and New year 2019 This is difficult as usual but i will stay strong this time . Its not that i want to continuously fail and ruin my health I must stay very strong and fight very hard Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply babs609 , I was not making any trouble intentionally Maybe its the way i used the english language I am from india Don't want to hijack this thread , i will start a separate one
  9. I was only reacting to this post . I had an account here before , pottanramu . it simply got banned one day
  10. Oh hi reciprocity , there was something wrong with the old ways of posting ,so somehow lost that account . I am going to be very minimal this time Please somehow fight this addiction with all the available tools
  11. Me too I are here lost the old account ,
  12. Quit soon and regain your health as soon as possible

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