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  1. I like your humor Kate. The ladies on the forum kept me smiling through my first weeks. You are doing great. Just keep redirecting that crave.
  2. Linda Thomas

    Friday 14th December 2018

  3. Linda Thomas

    Made it through 12 hours

    Kate, you can do this. Don't over think it. Everyday you go without a cigarette, you will begin to feel so much better about yourself. Hang tough and stay close.
  4. Linda Thomas

    Thursday 13th December 2018

    Way to go Kate. Just take one day at a time.
  5. Linda Thomas

    Saturday Poll: Toilet Paper... over or under?

    That is only because us overs are "Anal" about how our paper hangs.
  6. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Rain, Rain go away
  7. Linda Thomas

    This or That game

    Well I did not mean to steal this game from the girls. We must not have any brave boys who want to answer this. So we can continue the game, my husband prefers the tighty whities. (I think they are sexier ☺️) How about slippers or socks in the house
  8. Linda Thomas

    Coming Out of the Closet

    Lilac, so glad to formally meet you. I also was a closet smoker and so ashamed of my habit. As I hid at home and smoked, my life became so dark and unhappy. I felt so doomed to be so chained to such a miserable habit. I was always attempting to quit or looking for ways to quit. I accidentally came across this forum and it has changed my life. I am happily heading into my 5th month smoke free, with no intentions of looking back. It feels amazing to get control of your life again. I still spend a lot of time reading about my addiction and reading other posts of peoples emotions during their journey. We are here for you Lilac. You can do this!
  9. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Skinny to the bone
  10. Linda Thomas

    This or That game

    Sleeping jammies, those nightgowns tend to ride up at night. For the guys - boxers or tighty whities
  11. Linda Thomas

    This or That game

    Well it just can't be one or the other. It is flannel in the winter and cotton in the summer. Cotton or silky underwear 😁
  12. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Skinny dipping
  13. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    stiff as a board
  14. Linda Thomas

    Wednesday 12th December 2018

    Lilac, Glad to see you are done. I don't know if you have introduced yourself but have seen you in a few posts. Why don't you introduce yourself so we can all get to know you. This is one of the most wonderful decisions you have made for yourself. We are all here to help you through it. Pledging nope is a great start. Now is the time to get back your life and rid yourself of this addiction! Linda
  15. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  16. Linda Thomas

    This or That game

    Definitely like snow on Christmas. It can come the day before and leave the day after. Do you buy gifts for all relatives or pick names from hat?
  17. Linda Thomas

    Easy to quit.. easy to Start?

    Aw Zoom, not long ago I was the same as you. Once I found this forum, things changed. After getting through the initial tough days, the support here took over and helped guide me through. I am four months along and have never felt better about my life. Getting through those craves is possible, you just need to redirect your brain. Why don't you join the group, get yourself educated about your addiction and join the daily pledge.
  18. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    baby face
  19. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    cheek to cheek
  20. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Tongue in cheek
  21. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

  22. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    The cat's pajamas

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