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  1. Hi Tony. Welcome to the quittrain. I never thought I had the power to quit until I found this forum. There is a wonderful group of people that are here to help guide you to freedom. It is really just a matter of getting through a couple of tough weeks and then changing your thinking. Our brains our patterned into thinking we need that cigarette and can't live without it. You do have the power to beat the addiction. Educate yourself, stay close to the forum and let us help you. You can do this. Don't let this addiction take one more day of you life!
  2. Hi Christine. I too felt like you for half of my life. I was so ashamed of smoking that I became a closet smoker. I became very isolated and depressed and never thought I could quit. I stumbled across this forum and it changed my life forever. This wonderful group of people showed me the path to freedom. They held me up, when the going got tough, and made sure I crossed the finish line. They showed me that I had the power to change my life. Let us help you. Yes there will be a tough couple of weeks, but the rest is just a mind game of redirecting those cravings. Educate yourself, play a few games and stay close to the forum. You can do this.
  3. Getting the fruit ready!
  4. Welcome SOS. I am glad you have decided to quit again. I do get discouraged when I see a quitter that has relapsed. I look at quitting as a gift of life. I hope you truly find success this time and look forward to a smoke free life and never look back. I have depression and anxiety and found it was heightened during my quit. I discussed it with my physician and she upped my prescription. I can tell you my anxiety is much better since I quit. Hang tough and beat those craves. You can do this again.
  5. Dear Richard, so glad to hear from you and know that you have not caved to smoking. I can not imagine the pain you are experiencing now and hope that your family is there to help sheer you up. I do hope the doctor can find an answer to your fatigue and brain fog. I am sure your emotions are playing a part in that. I know that words can not ease your pain right now but hope that you feel you can come here to talk or share your feelings. We are not just here to help you beat the habit.
  6. Welcome Travis. I would introduce yourself in the introduction area. There is lots of information about the addiction of smoking and I would start educating yourself. We are here to help you succeed in quitting. We all have been smokers. Stay close to the forum as you start your journey to quit and take the NOPE pledge (NOT ONE PUFF EVER) every day. I found that really helped solidify my quit. There are many games to help keep you mind busy while you learn to fight those craves.
  7. Some never grow up. So glad you realize your limits!
  8. Well Reci, that means you can look but not own or ride. We want our Reci to be around for a while.
  9. Pots I am very disappointed in your constant relapses. You have been off and on smoking since I quit over a year ago. Every time you appear, I truly hope you are serious about quitting, You make a little headway and then disappear again. It is time for you to make a choice to smoke or not to smoke. No more excuses. Let's get this done.
  10. Is that what is know as a crotch rocket?
  11. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

    -7 wish I could stay and play. Have to work today
  12. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

    -19 I hate the high humidity. We had a lot of days like that this summer.
  13. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

    -17 It is dropping in the 50's at night here - about 70 during the day. The leaves are starting to fall too.
  14. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

    -15 Yes. Enjoying the last nice weekends on the screened porch.
  15. Linda Thomas

    chicks or sticks

    -11 I have about an hour

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