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  1. I am really liking this new header. The people really stand out. I think I am the one in the back lol.
  2. So glad you have made this far. I knew you had it in you. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be free?
  3. Oh Joe, your grand kids are adorable. I would so love to have more as mine are grown now. I really do think you could share a little bit. Or.....we could hook that beautiful daughter up with my single son. He is such a great guy with a soft heart that was broken at one time. You do have such a beautiful happy family. Love it when you share the pics.
  4. You are doing awesome tocevoD. I think the challenge to run has really powered your quit. You may always have that little nudge to smoke when drinking but now you have the power to control. It is probably best to avoid those situations in your early stages of being quit. Keep that quit going and run on!!!!!
  5. I like this one too and we do have some wavy hands back.
  6. You got this Kdad. It is only forward from here!
  7. Me too. I liked all the waving hands. I think they looked more inviting
  8. Nope Easter Blessing to you and your families!
  9. Since we are on the road camping, I just made a huge realization. I swear my husband has to drain the lizard every 60 miles. I never used to mind that because that was my time to have a smoke. This trip, I am finding myself quite irritated with every stop. Let us just get on the road and go. Okay, that is off my chest. I don't think I could have shared that nonsmoking experience with him!!!!!
  10. Wayne045, you were not stupid. I could not even imagine dealing with that at such a young age. That is the age you feel infallible. The time you are looking for independence. Most kids are rebelling against mom and dad at that age. You were rebelling against the curve life was throwing at you. I am so grateful that you have been disease free for 33 years and that you are here to share your quit. I would be rich with you if I had invested my cigarette money. I also started at age 18.
  11. Linda Thomas

    Happy 420

    It is medicinal legal in Ohio. My neighbor got some and says it works great on the joint pain. It is also suppose to work on anxiety. Being a nervous ninny, I might try some. I am not a drinker and quite boring these days. Maybe it will be a way to spice up our elderly years. My husband was just reminiscing about our younger camping days and me wanting to skinny dip. Maybe this should be in the confessions area!
  12. @notsmokinjo I can't quote on my cell phone but what you said about getting sick and not giving in to going back to smoking says a lot. I always was so ashamed that I smoked through breast cancer. I would run in for my 15 min. radiation and then leave and light up. Looking back it was kind of defeating the purpose. That was not enough to scare me off cigarettes. I am not looking back. I am only going forward with the hopes of gaining as much life as I can.
  13. @Rozuki I am so sorry about your friend. Hearing stories like this always make me wonder if I will get my life back or still suffer from the effects of smoking so long. I do hope your nephew can follow your lead.
  14. Wansit, we are making it better. We are quitting. How awesome is that. I never thought I had that power within me. Hopefully we show others the way to freedom!
  15. Okay Reci, you just had to show me that gif . I remember it being so beautiful, with the mountains surrounding the little town. I don't think there will be a way around the mountains. Just going to have to bite the bullet. This is on my bucket list!
  16. Is the permit so they can keep watch on you if you don't return on time? Be safe - no daredevil moves or selfies on the edges. It is beautiful there. I have seen a lot of the mountains in the US and Canada. My dream trip is to take my husband to Banff, Alberta . From what I remember, as a child, there weren't any guardrails on the edges of the roads. My mother white knuckled it the whole trip. We would have to come up with ways to keep me distracted on the drive.
  17. When we were young, they made smoking look so appealing. All the movie stars smoked and romanticized it. I am ashamed of my foolishness. I am hoping we can teach the younger generations.
  18. It is a little better. As long as I take the anti inflammatory and an occasional pain pill, I am mustering through. We have been packing all week so we did not overdo it at once. My husband is doing the lifting. We leave tomorrow morning. We are meeting up with my grand daughter at college, so grandma had to make a special meal to feed the starving college students. She has quite a few starving friends. Then we are off to a week of just relaxing and camping. I do have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor when we get home. I am just hoping it will continue getting better. It is hell getting old!
  19. Hey Potts, you are doing great. You definitely do not want to blow it. I am so glad you posted your sos. Just breath deep and be proud you have finally been able to quit.
  20. No chocolate for me. I am a jelly bean addict - pink and purple are my favorite. I am being good though because I need to shed some of this extra weight.

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