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  1. Linda Thomas

    Saturday 16th febuary 2019

  2. Linda Thomas

    I failed today.

    That does sound like a difficult situation but you are here because you want to quit. Kenzie, that is the better choice. If you can power through, I promise you will gain so much more power and self esteem. Smoking does absolutely nothing for you except chisel away at your health.
  3. Linda Thomas

    Unexpected ahhh

    Gee, how did I miss all that. I forgot about those big hairy balls I was growing.
  4. Linda Thomas

    Unexpected ahhh

    MLMR, Sorry I missed out on your SOS. I would have been right there to help shore you up and let you know you can get through this. Gee, I haven't had anything to celebrate since I quit, so I haven't had to deal with that kind of crave yet. I am so glad you handled it so well.
  5. Linda Thomas

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    You are lucky you did not hurt yourself. That stuff is heavy and slippery.
  6. Linda Thomas

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    That is too funny. Was that with a shovel or snow blower? Was that the driveway or the whole neighborhood?
  7. Linda Thomas

    I failed today.

    Aw Kenzie, I am sorry you are struggling. You need to arm yourself with whatever it takes to quit. Your life depends on it. Don't let the craves overpower the knowledge you have of what this addiction does to you. We are not here to judge you but to help support you through. Never be afraid to reach out or post your failings. We have all been where you are and know that it is possible to quit this addiction. So, as you begin your third attempt, read as much as you can. Stay close to the forum. I loved reading the blogs because they were full of quitters feelings. Learn to redirect your brain when you feel a crave. C'mon let's do this.
  8. As usual, my mother's capability to totally throw me off my game and make me feel worthless. They transferred my dad to rehab today and she totally yelled at me all the way there. My mother so totally hurts me with the way she just praises on her boys, who do nothing, and picks on me. If I speak up for myself she tells me it is my fault the boys are the way they are. This has always been my deepest hurt and why I try to be that perfect daughter. How can she be so cruel when she has such a caring daughter.
  9. Linda Thomas

    Who's on the train...

    Hi, I am Linda I smoked for 42 years. I tried many different things to quit - hypnosis, smoking cessation clinics, the patch and gum but nothing seemed to work. I was starting to accept the fact I was going to die from a smoking related illness. I was so ashamed of my smoking that I became a closet smoker. I came across the Quit Forum when I was searching for ways to quit. I started reading the information and posts and then joined. To my amazement I was able to quit cold turkey and am working on being 7 months smoke free. So what is the magic of this forum. It is a place of continued support, humor and comfort. They actually made me realize that I had the power to do this myself and that it really was only going to be uncomfortable for a short period of time. They showed me the path to freedom and great pride in myself. I am so grateful for the community here. Now I have a much better addiction - being a part of this forum and helping others to realize they can quit smoking.
  10. Linda Thomas

    At the Home and Flower Show

    My husband and I at the Home and Flower Show. Getting a taste of Spring
  11. Linda Thomas

    At the Home and Flower Show

    It was a wonderful day and felt so good walking among the landscapes of flowers, bushes and trees. Did not buy anything special but our bag was full of pamphlets about landscaping and home improvement. There are a few more things we need to do to our home before my husband retires. Of course it turned cold and snowed all the way home. If you are familiar with groundhog day, our groundhog saw his little old shadow, which mean only four more weeks of winter.
  12. Linda Thomas

    At the Home and Flower Show

    Thanks, you could be good for my ego. We both are getting out of shape and feeling old. It felt good to walk through the landscapes. The flowers smelled wonderful. Of course it snowed all the way home.
  13. I thought this article was an interesting read on this subject. I hope I copied the link right. I'm not quite sure how to do that. I sent it to my e-mail and copied it from there. ‘Red Flags’ at Home. http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBT9lK4?ocid=se I would think your job would be very stressful. Is there and accurate source out there at all?
  14. I would almost love to know what your analogy of the news today is. Over the past couple of years, it has played into the fears of the people and perpetually stirred up the hopes of the disheartened. I am saddened for the ones trying to raise children in this atmosphere. I wish you could give me a different way to read it. Is it just me or is it what the intent is?
  15. Linda Thomas

    Saturday 9th febuary 2019

  16. Linda Thomas

    Phrase Connect Game

    Enough is enough
  17. Linda Thomas

    Post a Song you Like

    Loved this. Made me feel good also. I have never seen this one.
  18. Linda Thomas

    What are you doing right now

    So glad your procedure went well. Can't remember what your vote was last month. The boxers or the tightie whities? I am sure you look good in either. Please take care. I am enjoying you on my quit journey.

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