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  1. You are so awesome MLMR. It is so exciting to think we are almost one year quit. It truly is behind us and we are finally living life free. Your journey will help so many others.
  2. I love your motivation also Michelle. Keep telling yourself all those things. The rewards in quitting are immense. I do think you should treat yourself a little though. There must be something you like to do that you don't always leave time for. Now is the time to pamper yourself.
  3. Michelle, every crave you push through, you become stronger. Bring that monster down in size. He is only as big as you allow him to be.
  4. He lives in Redondo Beach. It is a beautiful ritzy area but my husband and I feel like we do not fit in. Oh and the traffic and driving is terrible. I hate it when my brother picks us up at the airport. It is a 25 minute drive to his house but he does it in 15 minutes. I white knuckle it all the way!
  5. My brother and his wife are like that. They are so unscheduled. They don't even have a normal meal time.
  6. There was always a lot of family drama in my life and dealing with the dysfunction could lead to many moments of chain smoking. I always thought that, if I was the better person, I could change things. I thought I was relieving my stress by smoking but I was actually just being self destructive. By facing those triggers, I learned that the only responsibility I had was to myself and my happiness. Quitting has finally given me the power to take back the control over my own life.
  7. I am from boring old Ohio. My brother lives in California and I find the people to be way laid back.
  8. You are doing great Michelle. Glad to hear you getting through the tough days. It is afternoon here. Rainy day but a welcome relief of the heat we have been experiencing.
  9. Doing great hellkat, you can power through. Hang tough.
  10. Just let us know what time to show for dinner. My husband was raised on lamb and I have learned many ways to cook it since we were married. You and my husband would get along quite well because he is king of the grill and bbq pit.
  11. I am drooling. My husband does his on the spit and bastes it with onion soup and it comes out so good.
  12. Edy you are doing great. I think the two are intertwined (life and quitting). If things were going bad in my life, I would be chain smoking. As I look back on my quit journey, it does not seem so bad. There were bad moments but wonderful support.
  13. I smoked for years and did not realize the chemicals that were in cigarettes. I came from a nonsmoking home. I don't think I could make that distinction.
  14. It is the first one in the Off The Record Forum If you are following me, I just posted there.
  15. We are with you ever bit. Keep posting those hours if it helps.
  16. Keep on going Michelle. Try not to obsess about the hours. I know you have it in you to succeed.
  17. Fruits or Veggies. The smell of perfumes used to always make me sick to my stomach. When I drove school bus, the teenage girls used to always get on with wet heads in the morning. The smells would always give me a headache. I was so happy when they started making products with the smells of fruits and veggies. Cucumber and Peach are my favorites.
  18. It is in the Socializing area under the title : Selfie By bakon, December 17, 2018 in Socializing I know someone might be able to give you something to click on to get you there. I do not know how to do that.
  19. Well keep posting that face. It will shine in the end. There is nothing wrong with selfies as long as you don't do them on the edge of the Grand Canyon . I hope you save and print out some of those pictures. You are making memories for your family.
  20. Michelle, I want to see that face all over the place. Play some games and go visit "The stick of the day". That humor kept me laughing through my quit. I was this mild mannered. discreet lady and then I became addicted to that stick of the day. The education I got, while searching for my own sticks to share, was eye opening. Don't let this all be doom and gloom. because it helps to laugh along the way.
  21. You can do this Michelle. Deep breaths worked for me. As I would breath in, I concentrated on the clean air filling my lungs. Set your sights on the future of life without cigarettes and don't let yourself down!

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