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  1. Had a few bad days after the fast.  First, I allowed the sense of accomplishment to revert to late night snacking.  And also allowed some issues in life to rationalize the snacking.  This continued for 5 days.


    I've stopped the snacking now and had a fast day today and hoping to get back to omad regularly again.  The feeling of empty belly and tight belt finally returned today.

  2. On 10/16/2021 at 8:58 AM, JustinHoot99 said:

    Heres a video of me just goofing around with pushups.

    I couldn't open the video but just wanted say I love push-ups - there are so many variations that it never gets old.  


    On 10/16/2021 at 11:22 AM, AceWhite said:

    Long hard week of training

    You've been doing some really great training.  All the best for the race.


    On 10/16/2021 at 4:54 PM, Doreensfree said:

    due to tweeking my back ...

    Sorry to hear that.  With the back, it may be better to take some time and let it heal properly.  How did you hurt it? 


    On 10/16/2021 at 9:50 PM, Katgirl said:

    I did an extra half mile again, this evening, for a total of 5 miles today and even increased my incline again to 5.5%

    Katgirl, your workout discipline is very impressive.


    I did an 8k run yesterday and did some leg workout today.  Had some distractions in life but hoping to make workout an essential activity of the day - even if it's a quick one.


  3. Have been dealing with my share of bs in life the last couple of weeks and never thought about smoking.


    I had several failed quits and a friend once said 'you have no willpower'.  Eventually, when I did quit, I realized it wasn't about willpower - it was about making a decision.  The switch in the brain has to flip.  What also helped was understanding triggers through a post by another user.  


    If someone like me with several failed attempts and no willpower can quit, anyone can.

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  4. If it helps, personal shit happens to a lot of people.  And of course craves are normal because it's a 'different' type of trigger to the daily triggers that you've previously overcome.  These ones need to be fought and conquered all over again and tend to be just as hard.


    What's great is that you have the courage to post here and not do anything else.  That shows your strength and commitment.  What you're feeling is not weakness, it's just something you're feeling but your actions .... are strong.

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  5. That's right @JustinHoot99.  4 x 24hr period with water, black tea and black coffee. 


    Reintroduced food slowly last night but still had an upset tummy a couple of hours later.  I need to get better at this.  


    Mon is usually a no-meal day but I ate a bit today.  Not a full meal but about a half-meal.  Will stay in maintenance mode rest of the year - 6 meals a week.  In the new year maybe try a 5-day fast.

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  6. Less than 10 hours to go to complete Day 4.  It's been pretty normal so far, no hunger or cravings for food although I AM looking forward to shoving some food in the mouth later tonight.  Did an hour of interval run on the treadmill last night in addition to some light dumbbell workout.  


    Planning to do a long-ish walk today.  It's actually quite motivating to see the waistline shrink (but it will grow again as soon as I eat I'm sure).  The joy of pulling the belt in one more notch ... priceless.

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