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  1. I'm really happy for you too madturtle. Weeding has always been relaxing for me. No yard to weed? How about a fish tank. It's surprising how relaxing it is watching fish swim around lol 😊

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  2. Oh no madturtle, you will be so disappointed in yourself if you cave to a crave. You got this, you've gotten past way harder before right? Smoking will not change whatever is going on that's making you crave, I promise you that! Hang in there 🤗

  3. Ugh madturtle, I do remember being where you are. I promise you it gets so much better. I had a hard first few months so I know!

    You're right, you do not want to go back to square one and have to go through the misery all over again. I'm glad the SOS threads help. Please post your own if you feel yourself caving to a crave and we'll do everything we can to help you past it. 

    You really are doing great 😊

  4. You are still here darcy, and that's a clear sign that you want this. Don't sabotage it by a few bad days. We've all had them, even never smokers have days on end that are bad and never think hmmm maybe I should take up smoking. I promise you, just hang in there because it gets so much better with time quit. 

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  5. It's normal to think you miss it madturtle, I did for the whole first year! But as the time adds up those feelings will be less and less. Especially when you remind yourself of all the benefits of NOT smoking 😊 

    I love those apps like the one you have, I watched mine grow everyday. We have tickers here that will show you the time, money saved and cigs not smoked since you quit just like your app does so if you'd like one for your signature there's a tab at the top of the main page for that 😊

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  6. Congrats on 19 days quit madturtle, you're doing great! The things you're experiencing are all normal and will go away soon enough so just keep telling yourself that. Also sweets help as well as doing something you enjoy doing that you've always done smokeless. I didn't smoke in my car so if a bad craving came I would jump in the car and take a drive and almost instantly forgot about smoking 😊

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  7. Wonderful update on your smoke free life Darcy. Just be sure to set ground rules for yourself and the smokers who are coming to visit. For them, a designated area OUTSIDE for them preferably away from any open window and even out of your sight line.

    For you, a plan to stay in while they smoke and come here if you have ANY thought of just one puff! 

    Please remember that your quit is still new and although it's good to face triggers its also wise to have your support nearby in case it's too soon for you. Something tells me though that you'll be fine 😊

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  8. Another great post Darcy and congratulations on almost three months quit now, that's huge! 😊 There's something about the 3's, three days, three weeks, three months that many of us have had to get through harder craves and you are doing everything right by coming here when it happens. We even have a thread about it somewhere. If I come across it I'll be sure to bump it for you 😊

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  9. One habit at a time Darcy, otherwise you may become overwhelmed. The weight for most comes off on its own as you start getting busier with your non smoking life. Of course with these trying times it may take a little longer but that's no fault of yours. Just focus on your awesome quit, the rest will follow. :) 

    4 May

    Really want to keep this quit for the rest of this life. 


    ^^This is all you need to be successful for the rest of your life Darcy 😊

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  10. Those feelings won't last forever Darcy, as you progress with your awesome quit and as you knock each crave down, you raise your self esteem just a bit more. One day soon you will wake up in the best mood you've been in in years, and you'll know all your hard work was worth it.

    Oh and fyi, when I was a newbie I didn't want to have to ask for extra support through SOS either so I would post something like ugh I really want a cigarette. And that's all it took for members to come to my rescue and get me over the hump. So if pride keeps you from posting SOS then just word it so we know you want help. Xoxo 😊

  11. Hang in there Darcy, what you're going through is still totally normal at your stage of quitting. 

    "The QT is a wonderful place for support and commitment....an a poor place for powerlessness and commitment ambiguity."

    Lots of people feel like you but the qt is the best place for you to be when you're feeling like that. Check out our social forums, there's a lot of fun posts there. Our games thread is another fun one. The idea is to get you in a better frame of mind and take it off of cigarettes. Give it a try and congrats on your killer quit 😊

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  12. I love your man Darcy! Give him a great big hug for loving you so much that he did that for you 😊 He's probably so proud of you too 😊

    Thanks for the shout out but it's nothing more than what's been done for us when we were newbies, xoxo

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  13. And here you are closing in on your first month quit! Just wait until your family gets to hug and see the new improved nonsmoking you, oh what a nice reunion that will be  😊

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  14. What's going on is causing a lot of restless nights for a lot of people so it's hard to know at your stage of the quit whether it's the virus or quitting that's causing your insomnia. My guess is it's a little of both.

    The quitters insomnia for me lasted a couple of months if I remember correctly. And I know you don't want to take an OTC sleep aid but I found just taking one pill a couple times a week as needed was just enough to take the edge off and give me some much needed rest. You could also try edibles if it's legal in your state, a hot toddie, or even a relaxing bubble bath before bed. 

    You're doing great though and look at all the money you've saved already! 😊

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