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Status Updates posted by Doreensfree

  1. Come on board ..join the newbies..quitting together is fun !!!

  2. Smoking kills ...why kill yourself...quit today..

  3. Why not make 2017 ..the year you quit smoking...free yourself ..

  4. Over 24,000 cancer sticks not smoked..wow unbelievable..

    1. Still winning

      Still winning

      Amazing, good for you! x


  5. 7 thousand pounds saved ..wow...a staggering amount...

    1. Sonic


      Indeed it is

    2. Runfree
    3. ...


      7,000 pounds is equivalent to $8,551.90 in America.


  6. Don't put any more poisions into your body...quit today...quit now...

    1. Sonic


      I never will again

  7. The train is on full steam ahead...now is the time to jump on...why wait ?

    1. Evelyn


      Don't miss it out


  8. Don't be scared of quitting..be more scared of smoking and all the chemicals your breathing in every hour

  9. Carnt believe the extra energy i have since quitting..running up and down stairs as I have never been able to do..no gasping for breath

    1. Sunnyside


      Good for you Doreen :)

    2. Sazerac


      I have a lot more energy...in stark comparison to the smoking sloth I was.

    3. babs609
  10. How do I cancel a post

    1. Sunnyside


      You can't but the mods can.

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