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  1. I worked in Jaguar car plant ,when I first quit ...so I know about only having certain smoke times ..

    The smoking area,s were so few and far between ..I  was glad to stay put and have a much earned drink and a sit down and rest ,instead of a stressful break of cramming my cig in ...and getting back ...

    Rejoice ..,

    You can relax And enjoy that much earned break ...another positive .....

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  2. So glad to see you have took your seat back on the train..buckle up..there are many bumps in the the track,as you travel along...

    You can do this Lisa... Just make sure your bum stays in the seat...no matter what comes along ...

    We are all here to get you there..xx


  3. I was saddened to read ,you have smoked..with your health issues, staying quit is sooooo important..

    Learn by this...yes those cancer cigs are  still as horrible and will kill you ,just as they have always done..

    Ask yourself what you can do different..so this doesn't happen again.... You have to be prepared ,for when the urges pop up...

    Dust down...let'get this done.!!!!

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