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  1. This is my 3rd day on the 14. I did feel a difference, not to horrible though, but I did feel the pinch. I have 9 left and plan on using all of them.


    My doctor would have a cow if I didn't. And I want to. I want to do everything I can  to make sure this quit sticks.

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  2. I never could have quit smoking without patches. They have been a tremendous help. I just stepped down to the 14mg. Felt a little hiccup, but nothing serious.


    I know a lot of folks are hard core CT. But that does not work for everyone. Exit High Horse.

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  3. Going for this cancer test on Thursday. I changed my mind about it a few times, and after reading that they get a lot of false positives, decided to cancel, but to ask my doctor first before I cancelled. 


    She told me that is was a good idea to get one - so now it's back on again and I am very frightened.


    I was a heavy 40 year smoker. My x-rays came back fine, but I'm still really afraid.


    Anyone here have any experience with this?

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