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  1. Congratulations on 3 MONTHS!
  2. congratulations on 3 MONTHS!!! That's fantastic!
  3. Congratulations Layla on 1 WEEK!! That's fabulous!!
  4. Congratulations on 5 MONTHS Mac!!! That's awesome!!
  5. Congratulations on 1 MONTH!!! That's fantastic!!
  6. You have to be willing. Remember you are an addict. Have you been reading here and educating yourself on the addiction? There is a wealth of info here, if you don't feel like reading - watch some videos. It hurts my heart that you keep going through those horrible first days over and over. If you are serious, post an SOS. I've done it and I sounded like a crazy insane maniac, but I didn't smoke. I owe so much to those folks that stayed there with me, the support was amazing. And they stayed with me until I was Okay. You can do this, but it has to be your choice if you want to hold on through that rough patch or smoke.
  7. Don't be too hard on yourself Mick, there are lots of ups and downs. Six weeks in is wonderful, but your quit is quite young. Keep reading about the addiction, education is key on this journey. Staying positive is very important to your mental health, so it's great that you are focusing on your attitude. Be gentle with yourself....you got this!
  8. Believe the rabbit drank again HAPPY
  9. beazel

    Take Two

    If you give me a plant, it will soon be dead
  10. reincarnated as a rabbit simply because
  11. I think they are talking about pouring wine Why do they call it chili if it's hot?
  12. beazel

    True or False

    False TNP has dropped something very heavy on their toe and had to have it lanced
  13. Cleanliness is next to godliness

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