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  1. Sorry to hear of your relapse Sos77. I would certainly not want to have to drag myself through the early days of quitting again but as you said; here you are so the best thing you can do is to remember all the tools that worker for you during your earlier quit and in particular, keep in mind the circumstances that allowed you to relapse and make sure you don't follow that path again somewhere down the road.

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  2. Try again. What other choice do you have? An early death because you relapsed and didn't try again? That's not a choice I would want to make. Why would you make that choice? Have to agree with Jillar on the SOS post. It has saved many a quit. Maybe you just didn't want to be saved this time. Don't discount it next time though Linda!

    In that you had the courage to post your relapse here tells me a lot. Tells me you really want to quit and you value the support pf other quitters who don't judge but only want to help others find what they have already found - Freedom!


    Stay with us - try again. What the hell do you have to lose? I can tell you, you have everything to gain!

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  3. You're doing just fine Midmale :) 

    I would encourage you to stick around for awhile yet if only to read and reflect on quit smoking messages from others because ultimately, their thoughts and struggles surrounding quitting will help keep you focused on your own quit. It's good to keep quitting as your main focus in life for awhile yet.

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  4. What Jillar said SamDy! The only issues I have ever heard of with patches would be skin irritation for some and sleep/dream issues when people kept them on at night. So by not wearing one at night and moving it around each day you should be fine. Did you also peak with your Dr. about how much you smoked and what level of nicotine replacement you would likely require to allow you to gradually reduce your daily nicotine intake to avoid the worst of physical withdrawal? It's a delicate balance in terms of getting that nicotine volume right so you are not getting too much or too little initially. That's an important number to get right at the outset of your quit :) 

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  5. 6 hours ago, Pedro said:

    Thanks for the comments. 

    I feel I should know more, much more about the withdrawal process. That is where the challenge is at. I'm becoming conscious that I have triggers and I'm guessing they are many. Got to figure out how this old mind of mine works. 

    I'm pretty sure this forum has information concerning that. 

    ... A day at a time... 

    Spend your time watching the Joel videos, if they help you. There's a whole page dedicated just to those videos. Also, use the search function at the top of the page. Type in any key word for something you want information on and see what comes up. There's years of other quitters experiences here to draw information from. And yes, 1 day at a time is right :) 

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  6. Hi Pedro! Glad you are quitting and that you found this place. It really is a good resource for useful information about quitting. Best wishes for success to you. Keep checking in here to see what you can learn about nicotine addiction. No one knows quitting better than other quitters :) 

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