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  1. Wasn't nauseated but was not feeling hungry at all. Ate less and less frequently the first couple of weeks at least. Everyone is different and their bodies react differently but no question, first while nothing is normal :wacko: I think really just this past week or even past few days things are starting to settle down for me more and more. Still think about smoking and get urges at times but much less frequently and much easier to push those aside now. Being a non-smoker is starting to get to be sort of normal for me now :)

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  2. Yes - that's how I was finally able to post a larger pic. Didn't work before but form some reason, it worked now?? I can PM you what I did if you want to give it a try. It's sort of a convoluted process though.

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  3. I'm also looking forward to my 1st "smoking-free" trip somewhere, so I can enjoy just being a normal traveller and not have to plan all the things mentioned above. Crazy when you think about it now and yes; those glassed in smoking cubicles - WOW. Even as a smoker I found those to be so disgusting :o

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  4. Yes Joybella - you have to just power through these early days. I know it gets tiring trying to fight the urges to smoke but you just have to not give in and resist those urges to smoke. Today's struggles will give you strength to face tomorrow and things do start to settle down after a bit. It's different for everyone in terms of time frame but things do get better. Just take it one day or even one hour at a time. It WILL get better - I promise!! Come on here and read everything you can about the addiction of smoking. I spent a few days doing almost nothing else. Do whatever you need to do not to smoke.You CAN do this! We stand behind you in this fight :)

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