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  1. ^^^ Yes this!


    I think all that stuff with my sister somehow played into my quit. Seeing all the support she got yet she still couldn't muster the courage & determination to do the heavy lifting she needed to do to win the battles against her own addictions. Seeing this first hand for a long time made it easy for me to realize early on in my quit that no matter what outside assistance or support I would be able to get it would all come down to me in the end. Did I have it in me? Did I want this bad enough to do battle over an unknown period of time?


    We all see that same thing here daily. The ones that come and stay have that in them and are ready to give it their all. The ones that come then suddenly are gone well; it's maybe just not their time yet.

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  2. Reading this reminds me of trying to get my sister to quit drinking. She eventually died alone in her house much too young. It was a combination of smoking and drinking that did her in eventually. She was obviously an addictive personality but I just remember taking her to all kinds of Dr. appointments and help/support group meetings - mostly for the drinking issues. She was sober for a few months before she moved back in on her own and drank/smoked herself to death. I cleaned her house for her children so we could sell it. I never knew how brown ceilings and walls could be until I had to wash down her house with a scrub brush. All that crud was from years of smoking in her house day and night. Funny thing is, I would do that then go outside for a smoke - lol :) How f'ed up is that? That was all before I looked at myself and my own addiction.

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  3. I know what you mean PS. Dealing with constant thoughts of smoking, not smoking and everything that goes along with it does get exhausting. I have just begun to have time when it's not constantly on my mind as well so I know how you feel. Pretty nice to know for yourself there is "life without smoking"! Keep it up and be on guard still for when something unusual happens. That's when things can get interesting again. Otherwise, enjoy!!

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