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  1. Hey @Steven Drojensky! You're one whole month quit today!!! You've navigated the turbulent waters of quitting one of the worst addictions known to man.

    How amazing is that? And, here's the best news ..... it only gets better from here on in so celebrate this fabulous milestone and continue building that fabulous quit!


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  2. Others have given you some great suggestions on how to get your mind off what's going on in your head and body at the moment. All that will settle down in time but you MUST keep going no matter how challenging it seems. You are a long way down the road to improving your future in so many ways. You can't give that up now - you just can't. That would be cheating yourself out of a healthier, happier future and you deserve better than that. Keep going Linda! You'll make it :) 

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  3. Welcome jpassmore :) 


    Yeah, sorry j but the cutting back method just doesn't work. I think we've all been there and found that you just end up making excuses to smoke "just one more". What you need to do is decide on a quit plan that suits you. Whether that be Cold Turkey or using NRT products or a prescription medication such as champix or the like. Every one is different and requires different support but the one universal thing is that once you quit, you must adhere to NOPE! That stands for Not One Puff Ever! There's not short cuts, no avoiding the struggles of changing your daily life to become a nonsmoker but .... it's very doable and this place is the right place for you to be. You'll get all the support you need here from people who have walked the same path you are considering walking now. You'll never be alone in your journey!

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  4. Your whole being is changing Layla so there's bound to be some period of feeling unsettled and not sure what's going on or how it will all turn out. That will slowly end as you become more and more accustom to the nonsmoking Layla.

    The metamorphosis will be stunning and you will look back on this time of struggle as the best thing you ever did for yourself! 


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  5. Sounds like you've got your quit head screwed on straight Midmale! All the things you said are not only correct but they are statements that would come from a seasoned quitter. You're on the right track Midmale. Keep rolling!

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