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  1. Congratulations on marking your 8th full year smoke free Babs. That's certainly an inspirational quit and is a beacon for new quitters to strive toward.

    Hope you find a way to celebrate because quitting never gets old!



    (oops - my bad! Originally had this a year short at 7 years 😕)

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  2. 9 minutes ago, catlover said:

    What are the flats

    The wings I buy are already separated into Drums and Flats. The actual wing part is removed and not included because it's junk.

    In this pic, the ones on the left are the drums (mini drumstick) and the ones on the right are the flats (because they are flatter - not round like drumsticks).


    The drums have one large bone running up the centre and the flats have two thinner bones running up the centre and separated by a few millimetres. I find there's more meat that is easier to get off the bones on the flats. The drums tend to have more tendons and grizzle near the head of the drumstick which makes getting the meat off cleanly more difficult.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Doreensfree said:

    She said it was the best part of the chicken ...lovely and tasty ...I never did try to agree with her ..

    But ...Here are some nice and crispy butts ...lol...


    We used to call those "the Pope's Nose" lol.

    They always went in the compost in our house 🤢 They are very fatty I believe.

    If you eat them it's kind of like mainlining butter 😵

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  4. 2 hours ago, catlover said:

    Never seen any big meaty wings on any bird I have bought. I cant even scrape any meat off them for the cats!! You must have bigger birds in Canada and USA. So is the meat any better than the drumstick!

    Not sure about bird size but yeah, the wings I get are very meaty! I'll try and remember to take a pic next time we have 'em :) 

    I would say the meat is about as good as on a regular drumstick. There wouldn't be as much meat on either the flat or the drum on a wing but close  on the one's I buy. Actually, I think the meat on the flats I buy are better :)  Cooked but still very moist!

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  5. No you can not smoke in Vegas then stay quit when you return home. It doesn't work that way. Nicotine addiction is a lot different than occasional drinking or gambling. You're probably not addicted to either of those.

    IMO, you'd be nuts to throw away a 3 week investment in your healthier future. It's not as hard today for you to fight the cravings as it was three weeks ago so why cave now!

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  6. 32 minutes ago, catlover said:

    Is their actually any meat on a wing?? I've never had them, as always thought what was the point?

    You really have to know where to buy them because you're right, most wings are skin & bones with very little chicken on them. I never eat wings at a restaurant because they are always disappointing. Over cooked and what little meat is on them is all dried out.

    There's a market near where I live and they sell really large wings (uncooked of course), with the wing tips cut off (because there's zero meat there). These wings are really meaty. I can only eat about 6 in one sitting - maybe 8 if I'm really hungry. Eating them out somewhere, I'd eat 12 -16 and still be hungry

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  7. 1 hour ago, Doreensfree said:

    Is anyone gonna invite me to a Barby ..????.....

    All this is making me hungry now....I don't trust myself to light a fire ..

    Don't forget the sausages ...😁


    You're welcome anytime. I don't normally eat sausages but for you, I'll make an exception :) 

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