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  1. 2 hours ago, jillar said:

    Waiting for my telephone Dr visit which was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. 

    Geez, you'd think they could call on time since the whole call lasts less then five minutes tops 😖

    I hate those "phone it in" Dr. visits. My guy's bad enough in person let alone over the phone!

    Using Covid as an excuse to keep up with their billings while not really doing a proper job. How can you truly access a person's health over the phone? Makes my blood boil!

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  2. Great job reaching 3 months. It's pretty normal at that point to still feel a little rocky at times but you've come a long way - you know the drill in terms of how your actions will determine your future quit. That quit will just keep maturing every day you remain smoke free - go celebrate in some way :) 


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  3. Made it to N.B.

    Now in self quarantine for 14 days per their entry requirements. 

    No problem, lots of sorting and packing to do here and we brought a lot of dry/caned goods.

    Travel through Quebec was like a ghost town. Nobody around and really hard to find food as all restaurants & bars closed and not even doing take out or delivery. Finally found one fast food drive thu open so that was our only meal. They even closed all the Mc-D's cuz too many had positive tested employees 😞 We were pretty careful, with limited contacts and just stayed in a hotel and saw no one other than the receptionist so we will know in the next week or so if we're OK.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Rozuki said:

    Niagara on the Lake is such a beautiful place...love that town. Hope to see it again someday! 😷

    It is nice. Big difference between that and the tourist trap of Niagara Falls, just down the road. NOTL is classy & elegant with lots of shops and charm. and always beautifully landscaped! The Niagara Parkway, linking Niagara Falls and Niagara On The Lake is also a beautiful drive. Plus, NOTL is right there in wine country. How convenient 🍷

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  5. Excuses:

    Too busy at work now to quit!

    Going on vacation so why ruin that?

    Christmas is almost here. I can't quit now and ruin the holidays for everyone in the family!

    Summer's here and I just want to enjoy it, not suffer through quitting.

    Winter is coming soon and that'll make me miserable enough, why make it worse by quitting?



    There's NEVER a good time to quit so just make an unbreakable commitment to yourself and do it! It will set you free and you'll never have to fret over it again :)  

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  6. Helping the kids haul the boat out of the water for the season. it was so nice out, we couldn't resist going for one last rip on Lake Ontario, just off of Niagara On The Lake! Can't believe my daughter was doing the driving! @Boo take heed; I can remember changing her diapers and reading her bedtime stories and even playing doll-house with her. It happens fast so, relish the moments!  Glad I still have a few more to come!




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  7. I don't know about your personal issues but I'm sure your son is just being protective in his advice to you. OK, so you're feeling lost and alone right now - you KNOW smoking won't help!! It never does. Only makes things worst so screw you rational brain back into your head and stop allowing smokie dreams seduce you. There's NO future in smoking and deep down, you really know that!


    If it makes you feel any better, my life is in the toilet right now. I just happened to have a moment tonight so thought I'd check in here. I actually had some thoughts about smoking today but they were just old ghost memories - not real. I don't want to kill myself by smoking. What good would that do

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