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  1. 27 minutes ago, Linda Thomas said:

    Don't you have Costco Wholesale in Canada?  We buy a smaller leg there.  My husband cuts it down and he makes shish ka bob with it on the grill.  We also buy the rack of lamb and cut them into small chops for on the grill.  

    Reci, you and my hubby would make great grilling partners.  He is retiring soon and we will have to visit your neck of the woods when we start our RV travels.  I definitely could not eat bear!

    Yes we have a Costco nearby. Never thought of that for the lamb but it's probably a good place to have a look see. Have had some really good meat from Costco but was turned off when I bought their Kirkland frozen burgers, They were laced with bits of bone. Never bought them again. Mostly though. their meat is very good quality. And Yes, let ,me know if you're coming to the Niagara area. We can get together for sure - summer is best of course - lol And OMG - Rack of Lamb ....... love it!! My go to decadent meal 😍

  2. 1 minute ago, Diane R said:

    Somedays I thought I might cave. But than I remembered all the  fatigue,  nausea, and moodiness I have had. And I thought better of it. I sure don’t want to go  backwards. Plus I hate that my life  revolved around cigarettes. Where am I going to have one. Do I have enough to last. When are they leaving so I can go smoke etc etc. 

    THIS is what will get you through! Thinking like this is your best tool for staving off those monster cravings. Never go back - it's too hard to get to where you are now. Moving forward is the only logical plan :) 


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  3. I'm still leaning toward the shoulder just because I have had BBQ leg years ago. It was good but I'd like to see what the shoulder is like. I heard the taste is a little stronger then the leg? I would prefer to see pink in the centre after the meat is rested but, I'm a rare to med-rare meat person. I think the additional fat would be good for keeping it moist during the cook though. @Cbdave idea of brining it is a good one. I don't usually brine my beef cuts but have done with poultry. Not sure whether I will add smoke chips to that cook or not. I find they overpower the flavour of the meat pretty quickly and I don't like that much. Would rather taste the the true flavour of the meat :) 

    Lots to consider still. Thanks for the tips peeps :) 


    And @Linda Thomas my problem in doing the lamb roast is that it will be a fair size chunk of meat and in my neck of the woods, it's tough to find people who would come to share a roast of lamb no matter what the cut. It seems weird to me because I would eat lamb any day of the week yet you'll get people to come running for the dinner bell if you roast up a cut of meat from a black bear but mention lamb and everyone runs away? Too bad you weren't in the neighbourhood. You and hubby could help us eat it up :) Or; maybe I can feed and left overs we can finish to the black bear? (couldn't pay me to eat bear again - greasy, tough as your shoe and very strong flavour 🤢


    Did Chicken wings tonight! Found a new meat shop that sells nice meaty ones. I also made a new finishing/dipping sauce that was super yummy! They were great. I just bough a pound to try them. Not many wings for a full pound but they were quite meaty so that's better ten ending up with mostly skin & bones 😞


    S.P.G. rub (Salt/Pepper/Garlic), easy and quick!



    45 minute cook at about 350F; sauced at 35 minutes & turned once after saucing :) 


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  4. 12 hours ago, notsmokinjo said:

    Lamb chops, gravy, steamed carrots and beans, boiled baby taytas with some low fat natural yoghurt and a sprinkle of chicken salt...


    Never tried Yogurt on taters but it looks yummy, especially with the chicken salt - never had that either but sounds like it would be nice.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Edy said:

    today was actually somehow the hardest day so far .. more cravings and i felt like crying 😰 ... not sure if it is due to quitting or life itself .. 

    Quitting can produce similar effects to grieving a personal loss. Denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Quitting is a huge life change so don't be concerned that your emotions are all over the place early on. Just focus on staying quit 1 hour at a time. Setting small goals will get you there in the end. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, notsmokinjo said:

    I think I just had a foodgasm.... Hooley Dooley that looks grouse as.


    Lamb chops and veg for dinner at ours. (Or as the kid says my favourite and I hate you)

    I want to do a roast of lamb in my smoker/slow cooker. Been looking into which cut to go with and think it's the shoulder over the leg because there's more fat in the shoulder. Will be juicier in the end. Slow cook it at about 225F to med-rare result. Need to look into what dry rub would be best for lamb and what, if anything, to apply during the cook, which will be probably 2.5-3 hours depending on the size of the roast. 

  7. Huge congratulations MLMR on achieving your 11 month milestone on this quit journey! You have climbed the rope from the surface of a stormy sea all the way to where the railing of the Lido Deck is almost within reach and you have chronicled it all in an important document that will help many others seeking the same goal. Well Done!


    Can't wait for your induction to the Lido Deck party :) 

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  8. 2 Rib, Prime Rib Roast done on the BBQ. 1.5 hours at 325F. Internal temp was 132 before resting - med- rare is the result:



    Put on the BBQ at 4:30 PM:



    6:05 PM Internal Temp. 132F:




    Roast is resting & so is the chef (with item on the left):



    Was tasty to say the least :) 


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  9. 1 hour ago, Martian5 said:

    All right I will go with BBQ and Beer, I will definitely smell of this in the next hour or so!!!!     (give a male view of things)


    I'm with you M5!!

    On the right is my prime rib of beef resting after the BBQ and on the left is what I'm using to rest with after the BBQ :)


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  10. Congratulations @richard! 2 Months smoke free is no easy task, as I know you can appreciate. Sorry you are still struggling at times but stay the course as quitting does continue to get better the longer you shut down those nicotine receptors in your brain and discover how great the benefits of being a non smoker are. Keep climbing - you'll get there. Celebrate this 2nd milestone and treat yourself to something nice today :) 


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  11. Sounds to me like you're missing true commitment. Commitment to not buy cigarettes, posses cigarettes and smoke cigarettes.

    Books, videos and quit aid products are all well and fine but it always boils down to personal commitment to quit smoking. Without that commitment, you can not be successful!

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  12. 1 hour ago, Diane R said:

     I look at it this way if I think about ever putting a cigarette in my mouth I’m going to remember how awful I have felt when I quit. That should do it. At least I hope. This is no fun at all. And I’m not a spring chicken lol 😝 

    Pretty much how I still look at it Diane :) 

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