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    Hello, my darling Nicotine Free Creatures!

    In days I will be starting my Tenth Year of freedom from nicotine.
    I will never smoke again.


    At times, with smoking friends, I think...I used to smoke.
    Do I want to smoke? 

    The answer is always a ferocious, NO ! to the virulence of nicotine.

    I didn't have an easy quit. 

    It took a full year for some serious craves to abate but, I never lost my Resolve. 

    That was the ribbon of truth weaving through my whole quit, 

    I was completely committed


    At first committed to what I thought of as an experiment. 

    I gave it a year, a challenge to myself. 

    If after a year, I didn't like the changes...well, I would reconsider the experiment.

    During that first year (and continuing today), I educated myself about nicotine addiction. 

    The changes to my brain, the science of addictions. The brutality to my lungs, my body. 

    I knew too much after brief study to use denial as an excuse. 

    Either I would continue to be a slave or rejoice in a profound freedom and allow my body to heal.

    After that first year, I committed to another and another. 

    It is always a NOPE for me.
    I am very grateful to all the NOPERS here,
    so many blazed a trail for me and were there for a laugh or a nudge. 

    Often, a blast of useful information from Joel Spitzer, my hero.

    I wrote about our addiction in my blog here on QTrain

    and hope quitters will find that useful on their journey.  


    QTrainers all know what quitting feels like, especially the early gnarly days,

    and I am so proud that I can now tell you what quitting for almost a decade feels like. 

    You know it feels good, you know it feels bloody awesome.


    Keep your quits and nurture yourselves, your beauty is showing.



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  2. Hello you beautiful nicotine free creatures !

    Thank you for the celebratory thread.

    It means a lot, that's for true.

    I love y'all !  


    This was the first year I nearly forgot the date.

    Probably because I haven't been looking in on QTrain.



    I haven't considered it seriously for these Eight years.

    The first year was a slog but, I never doubted my commitment to myself,

    I Quit Smoking.



    I will never smoke again.

    I say this with vigilant confidence and an understanding of the nature of addiction. 

    I end and greet each day, grateful for being nicotine free. Every day, twice a day.

    This is one way my vigilance manifests. 



    Darling Newbies,

    Educate yourselves ! Don't be lazy about this.

    Research how nicotine affects the brain to comprehend what you are experiencing. 


    Sure, the feel-good touchy-feelie stuff support is great

    but without grounded information about nicotine addiction it won't help you fully understand your addiction.

    And you should understand your addiction.  It is Who You Are.


    Watch Joel Spitzer's videos.

    Joel's library is comprehensive and accessible.  Use this gift !


    Check out my Topics and Blogs.

    There are some gems hidden therein. 

    I spent a lot of years here and love seeing the information travel to new eyes.


    Love to everybody.  Thank y'all for your work.

    Sazerac's all around, and a bowl of Legendary Gumbo.

    It is almost getting cool enough to start on my stocks.


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  3. Thank you everyone !  Great to read each and every one of you beautiful nicotine free creatures.


    I celebrate EVERY DAY that I am nicotine free.

    To see 2,555 days of power accumulate is astounding to me.


    To all 'eyes' and newbies,

    Please understand that I am not a special snowflake or unique in my desire for freedom from nicotine.


    Everyone here has this desire and builds on their power to manifest their freedom from nicotine addiction.


    Nothing in my life has been as empowering as this freedom

    and I continue to honor and nurture it.


    Last year, I wrote a 'Simple Guide To Freedom',

    I will put in in my blog so that perhaps more will read and take heed.


    Quitting smoking/nicotine is not that hard in the big picture and the benefits completely outweigh temporary discomforts.

    Trust in yourself, commit to NOPE...

    and LIVE to enjoy your freedom.


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  4. I'm with a human friend and a dog friend in Vicksburg, Mississippi

    watching the 'S' storm.

    Hopefully, won't have to change my address or my name.

    Thank you all for your thoughts.


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  5. Our friend, Joel Spitzer, has a new video out with a page of important resources,

     Why Do I Smoke ? (resources)





    and it got me to thinking about why I ever thought smoking was enjoyable or benefitted me in some way.


    Now, that I understand about nicotine addiction it is very clear.


    I smoked because I was an addict.  That is the ONLY reason.


    Smoking NEVER calmed me, or made me think better.


    Oxygen does both very well.  Deep breaths are always available and consistent in their benefits.


    Why do YOU smoke ?  Why do you want to smoke ?


    What lies are you still holding as truths ?



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  6. Nicotine patches are keeping your body in a state of constant withdrawal.

    You cannot expect the benefits of being nicotine free to kick in until your NRT program is completed

    and you no longer administer nicotine to your body.


    Please consult a health professional about your depression, 

    you needn't feel the burden of depression while you are starting your journey to freedom.


    Why Am I Still Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawals

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