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  1. 6 hours ago, madturtle said:

    thank you. 


    Part of me still misses it. I hope that that goes away soon. 


    I remind myself that I'm not missing it but just wanting to do an action that I have done for over half my life. That will go away.


    I have saved $374.64, I will live 7 days 8 hours and 6 minutes longer (barring any sort of tragedy) and not smoked 960.6 cigarettes. 


    Iv'e never done that before. 



    There are body memories that may be triggers.

    Soon these won't be big triggers, they will fade and fade

    and new experiences will take their place.


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    4 May

    Pride is not bad.  You should be proud,   you quit smoking !  You are putting your addiction to sleep.


    I'm proud of you and I don't even know you, well...you know what I mean.


    Quitting gives you back your self respect and self esteem and self confidence.  These are no longer tied to a poison.

    Soon, they will flourish like never before.

    Hang in there and protect your quit.

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  2. Another great post, darcy.

      Have you given up sugar and caffeine or are you planning to ?  

    I gave up caffeine a few years ago Caffeine Withdrawal and it was much more physically challenging than nicotine.

    My recommendations would be to not go cold turkey but, wean yourself.

    I know I know I know...the advocate of CT....

    But, physically it was really rough and that would be ameliorated with a program of cutting back.


    Sugar, I know nothing about and consume so little it has never been an issue.  Whereas salt !  lol.

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  3. Darcy, so much of your fear is just addiction.  You will find the new you, the one who can deal with her feelings without shrouding herself behind the smoke.

    Be kind to yourself during the transitions and remember to continue to reward yourself for every crave conquered, every trigger resolved.

    You are doing magnificent work and I so appreciate this blog documenting how you build a sturdy and successful quit.


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  4. You are on a wonderful journey.  Traveling through the dark and grimy places of yourself is to be embraced. 

    The river is right beside your path and can wash the heavy, the sadness away when you allow, when you have squeezed the lessons out.  


    Smoking hid so much of my inner life.  The exposure to my truths was enlightening.  I learned how to be so much more current and honest with myself.


    Just like you, dancing girl.  Just like all of us.

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  5. "Thank you, thank you, thank you for quitting smoking, Darcy."


    and thank you for sharing your quit with us !  Your experience is helping people, those we see and those we don't.


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  6. A luxurious sleeping car.  I think a lot of us are finding comfort in sleep.

    Well, except for some dreams.  I thought I was doing really good with viral stress but, then had a rocking nightmare that I had Ebola.

    So, concern is leaking out for sure.


    Try and put your mind to beauty.  A beautiful memory.  A song.  A scent.  These and beautiful deep breaths will sustain you.

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  7. You ARE dancing, Darcy.


    Do not be afraid of triggers or craves, they are just old patterns.  They have NO power.

    Remember, A Crave Is Not A Command.


    Keep yourself free minute by minute if needed.  You are dancing.


    Things will get easier, please believe us.  If they didn't nobody would quit.

    Soon, the edges will be softened and you will have a new confidence in your beautiful dance.

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  8. Be really kind to yourself, darcy.

    Pamper yourself to the extreme.

    Take comfort wherever you can.

    All we can do is live through this with grace.


    Happy Birthday Darcy's Mom !




    I was so tickled to see you using "Think again, get right with myself, call an ally, post an sos"

    and have every confidence you will follow that protocol should you hit a wall.



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  9. "Haven't intentionally watched news in over 24 hours, pretty sure that has something to do with my spirits."


    I am on a news blackout also, darcy !

      I only look at tweets from the City and only because I need to know if they have messed up the water and we can't shower.

    They will text me on any updates I need to know.

    The rest is not good for my mental health.


    I am so happy you are feeling so positive about your quit.  I remember the first rumblings of that euphoria.  It fed me.





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  10. I am so glad you protected your quit, darcy.

    A blog is a great place to write and see how far you have come, what tools and techniques helped you.


    The journey of quitting smoking is a fruitful one.




  11. The fallacy of enjoyment came from the release of endorphins that nicotine triggered.

    Nicotine appropriated our brain receptors for pleasure, then they would only respond by administering nicotine.


    One by one we claim these receptors back.  This is why rewards are so important.


    Here is a great thread by MLMR with a super video Educational Video on Nicotine and The Brain

    and a scientific study on Reward Processing and Smoking

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  12. Quitting smoking is a journey and I have found a journey of self discovery, inner strength and inner peace as well.

    Soon you will trust yourself on a profound level because you have stopped administering poison to yourself.


    These changes, especially with newly quit emotions on the surface can easily trigger tears.

    Sometimes our eyes need to be watered in order to grow.


    Be kind to yourself, Vivianne.


    You are changing your brain, your pleasure receptors that were once under nicotine's control are now, one by one, becoming YOURS.

    Reward yourself to get your endorphins flowing appropriately.

    Think of rewards as re-rehabilitating your brain because that is exactly what you are doing.


    All this takes time so, have a little patience and protect your precious quit. Remember to Breathe !

    Get that massage, you needn't make this quit any more uncomfortable than it may already be.

    I think it is Boo who says, 'you don't get extra points for making this more difficult'.


    I am so glad you are sharing your quit with us, with the world.  


    Congratulations on day 24 and all the days ahead.  You quit smoking, baby !






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