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  1. Well, as long as you guys can see it, I guess that’s all that matters. Believe me, I know how long it’s been, so I don’t need to see it. LOL
  2. Yes, I use an iPad. I don’t have a desktop computer. Yes, I can see everyone else’s ticker. I saw mine when I made it, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of it since. LOL
  3. It must have taken the scenic route. That’s odd, I still don’t see it.
  4. I honestly think I could clean my entire house with a toothbrush! Anything to stay busy. But me and the Lord are getting it done...one day at a time. NOPE! I guess I’ll just stay busy trying to get this daggone Ticker I made to show up.
  5. Welcome, Deb, and good luck! I’m new too. I’m on Day 15 after 62 years a smoker. Oh Dear, Isn’t going to be easy.
  6. Never mind. Just realized this is an old post.
  7. I have an EXTRA 30 you can have. Never had a weight problem in my life until I quit smoking.
  8. Judi


    10 months smoke free today.
  9. I'm Irish so absolutely NOPE today...and every day.
  10. Definitely has been for me. I've suffered with depression most of my life, but really escalated after I quit smoking. Everybody is different, however.

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