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  1. $15,552.60 and counting not up in smoke

    1. reciprocity


      Nice little bonus, but the big prize is all those deadly chemicals you didn't put into your body :)

    2. beacon


      Vacation time!

  2. $13,555 Not Up In Smoke!!

    1. SanDar


      Cha-ching! $$$

  3. Ole granddad probably took his teeth out and nodded off in his chair at 730 pm. *Edited to fix horrendous spelling.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MarylandQuitter
    3. Colleen


      Is it considered plagiarism if the spelling is different?

    4. Nicole Diver

      Nicole Diver

      I'm impressed by whoever wrote that pearl. Poetry in motion.

  4. Carl! Stay back with the others!

    1. Devil Doll

      Devil Doll

      Little jerk is never in the house.

    2. MarylandQuitter


      Lol that parody is still stuck in my head. The one with Walter White. Lol. CARL!

  5. Thank GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

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    2. action


      Thank GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!


    3. MarylandQuitter


      Thank God it's Friday!

    4. babs609


      knew you would say that



  6. When life throws you lemons, toss a grenade.

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    2. sharonsiff


      Here....don't tempt me!

    3. babs609


      ...make coffee


    4. sharonsiff


      Yes babs...and plenty of it.

  7. If I hear that stupid "Happy" song one more time I'm going to break the dude's radio,

    1. BonnieJ


      Clap along if you know what happiness it to you.Because I'm HAPPY....LOL

    2. Nicole Diver

      Nicole Diver

      My hb said that exact same thing today. Since I never listen to radio I don't know any new songs. Sounds catchy thou!

    3. babs609


      how can you not listen to radio?

  8. Between this virus that's going around and all tree pollen in the air, my voice sounds like Johnny Cash.

    1. babs609


      I walk the line :)

    2. Jenny


      Then sing MQ, Sing!

  9. They laughed. They mocked. Now they see us.

    1. sgt.barney


      They FEAR us.

    2. babs609
    3. Tink


      its gathering steam choo choo

  10. It's just part of doing business on planet earth.

  11. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

    1. Bassman


      Come on in to your new home...we'll even leave the light on for you and do the NOPE Shuffle.........

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