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  1. Very sweet picture!  Please don't ever give up on your quit.  You're quitting for you which I guarantee that is what your Dad wanted.  Make the day you quit a very special day.  Mark it on the calendar and have it mean something that you protect and keep it safe from everything, no matter what happens.

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  2. I know all the answers to your questions.  Yes to all 3!  Who cares how many attempts you've made at quitting?  You know how many times I told my wife I was going to quit and she just rolled her eyes and said "didn't you just say that yesterday?"  Then I would come up withe some excuse.  I quit for me.  I didn't give a damn what anybody thought about my success or failure.


    Screw everybody else.  This is about you.  Please stop messing around with your life and quit.  Look, this may be hard for you to quit or it might not.  Right now your mind is your own worst enemy.  Your inner junkie, strung out on nicotine, is telling you that you're going to fail, that you don't have the strength and the truth is that it's telling you that you don't want to quit.  You're believing the lies.  Smoking is of no benefit to you!  All you're doing is chasing temporary relief from withdrawal and torturing yourself, not to mention slowly killing yourself. 


    This is what it's come down to.  It's time to quit smoking and stop listening to the lies in your head. 


    Look at your quit buddy, IamDoingIt.  He posted a great thread the other day about his relapse and his newfound commitment to quitting.

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  3. I will seriously kick your ass if it's not.  Well, not really but you're gonna make it stick this time.  Don't give in anymore.  Don't settle for anything less than the freedom that you deserve.  Don't ever give an inch to this addiction.


    If I can stay quit, trust me, you certainly can too.

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