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    It's funny because I always hated short hair on me due to one really bad hair cut when I was younger. But now I'm realizing the simplicity of it - especially shower time lol. I still do not have enough to style it's more scalp coverage at the moment and soft like baby duck fuzz lol. I wore my wig out the other day and I'm just not comfortable in it at all. I'm not sure if it's because I know is not real and that makes me even more self conscious thinking well then everyone knows it's not real type thing. But so far my fave are the winter beanies from Colorado chick. Nice, warm, comfy and so many colors. Hopefully by summer the top will catch up with the rest and I wont need a cap or scarf or wig. Oh my cat could lay there forever and just watch them, so much so that she didn't even notice the 2 betta tanks I've had for at least 2 months until the other day lol. She was like what is this! I actually was cleaning their tanks yesterday and each one has it's own olive nerite snail. Now I was told that while they will lay eggs w/out a mate the eggs wont hatch in freshwater and if they do they wont survive. Well, there were 7 babies just from 1 of the tanks! So I put 1 baby with each betta and the rest in my 10 gallon. Not sure if they will survive - but we'll see. I really want to do just one more tank lol. It is very therapeutic. I'd love a pond but with my dogs and the nightly raccoon visits it might be more work than I'm willing to put in. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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