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    As many here know coffee and a smoke or any nicotine for that matter with coffee goes hand in hand...For me giving up my coffee in the mornings was not an option...No way Jose! But a couple weeks ago I ran into what they call Death Wish Coffee...Now you can buy this stuff in ground form or in the K Cups which is what I have....This coffee is strong! Strong enough to bring a T-Rex to it's knees! And thats pretty damn strong... I have one cup in the morning which is when the cravings seem to be the worst...And what I have found especially for me is that this stuff takes the edge off! Now, this may not work for everybody but it has for me so far....But one word of warning here do not drink this stuff at night especially before bedtime or you will be a zombie the next day!! If you would like to check it out just Google "Death Wish Coffee Co".....
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    I recall back in elementary school my brother and I got our hides tanned for smoking! Yeah you guessed it, elementary school kids! Well we laid off the stuff for years picked it back up in high school and the race was on.....I smoked all through high school and through my days in the US Military....Smoking as such did not bother me much back then being young and running six miles a day in the military kept my stamina up pretty good.... Once I got out of the military I continued on the smoking path for about another 20 years all that money I wished I had back...Of course back then cigs were only like $1.75 a pack high for the time but not nearly what they cost now...Then my brother, who has since passed God rest his soul got me on the Dip craze as he like me was a smoker....I avoided the Dip for a while but then took his lead and gave it try and from there the rest is history...I continued to Dip for about another 10 years or so but one visit to an ENT doctor changed the only complexion.. It's funny how all it takes is a doctor giving you the long face to change your attitude. And makes you see just how fragile life can be....
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    Well,... seat still warm on the train, yet I seem headed toward the exit sign at this station. Lonely amidst a group that love me ~ a familiar feeling. A lifetime ...well 37 years, of poor or rudimentary skills at dealing with discord and BIG feelings have left me adrift over the last few days. Not surprised...no one waves a magic wand , or puts out the smoke, and magically fills the 'space' with graceful replacements....or maybe they do and it is just me. anyway not much of light and hope to say.... still here...hurray!.
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    19 days quit. I'm finding myself thinking about how to get rid of the negative feelings ie anger/uncomfortableness. I don't want to smoke but there is a part my psyche that misses it. Been using the lozenges and am wondering if that is making things worse but worried that if I stop, I'll go back to smoking. I don't miss smoking but do miss the comfort of normalcy. My mouth hurts and this is making me angry. But I also know that if I keep going, then one day, these feelings will be nothing but a memory. If I don't keep going, then one day, I will have to figure out what I want to suck on. My cigarette or my oxygen. Or I could blow up my face with both.
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