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    Vivian, I have dealt with very abusive parents in my lifetime and over the last three years I have been taking care of them because they are old and have failing health. I was so beat down and very depressed. I then found this forum and started to quit smoking. As I posted SOS's and my feelings, many people here noted that I was dealing with abuse. They encouraged me and made sure I knew that I was gaining power with my quit. It is now a year later and I have walked away from the burden and feel so powerful and in control of my life. Yes the addiction is going to try and play on these emotions but you need to realize how strong you are. I have been so impressed with the way you are pushing through your quit. I promise that as you keep powering through, you will become so strong. You are an awesome woman and your new relationship sounds wonderful. I know you are going to have a happy smoke free life!
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    The place in your brain that is responsible for your survival on an emotional level is also where the nicotine receptors are located. That's why nicotine addiction is tricky to overcome, your brain without nicotine will often switch over to a survival mode and dump adrenaline into your body. This creates a panic and edgy feeling. What helps is to start recognizing what's happening and use your rational brain to calm yourself. This episode started with a dream. Dreams aren't reality. The reality is you have a kind and supportive boyfriend. The reality is you haven't smoked. Go for a walk to burn off the adrenaline. Have you read about HALT? Your strength is still there. Have you read MLMR journey in the thread Introsucksion?
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    I bet your friend will not forget that encounter - lol Good for you in facing that and winning! Shows your commitment is strong and you are on solid ground. And you're right. Being around a group of others with the same commitment as you and who have experienced the same stuff as you are now going through is a powerful tool. That will become even more important down the road as many around you may start taking it for granted that your quit is done and in the past when in reality, you will still have work to do in crafting your new smoke free life. I would definitely post up in the 1 year pledge. You know there are different seasonal triggers that come up with the changing of the seasons. Those can present new challenges you haven't had to deal with yet. That's what makes the 1 year celebration (the Lido party) such a big deal. Doesn't mean you are completely done building your life long quit but it does mean you have likely seen all the triggers you will need to deal with.
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    The small things count as well. It could be, "Have I got my fags?" "Damn, I've forgot my lighter. Oh no, It's empty, I'll have to nip to a shop on the way to work. Have I time?" I've got eight fags left....erm....is that enough until I get home tonight? Let's see, two on the way to work. Six on my breaks. Bugger, none for my journey home. Mmmmm... not enough but I've no money left. I'll ration them better." Etc.etc. All that palaver is gone now. The freedom comes in many guises.
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    Red is my color! I also worked on an assembly line for a fancy schmancy cosmetic company for a while in college....putting liners and caps on jars of expensive skin creams, boxing up bottles of perfume and cologne, etc....at times it was like that episode of I Love Lucy with the candy coming down the conveyor belt...lol. Can't tell you how many times my thumb would go into the little jars as they would fly by....
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    I got to come home early today, as there was a ton of people there today! Plus there's a bit of a long story behind it - I have a worker's comp case open, I will explain it one day! Here's my pic:
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    You'll do fine mrsguest, because you want this Your pic didn't post but I did assembly work years ago so I know how monotonous it can be.
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    I am way too cozy and lazy now to give into anything anyway lol The relaxation exercises work... (And that thread of a slap scared me straight! Haha)
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    Those early days are trying for sure but you CAN get through them. Since smoking is no longer an option, you just need to find another way through those difficult moments.They are tough for sure but they will not always be with you. Better days are in your future
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    Wow !!!...you were tested today ....and you came out a winner. You kept your precious quit ....I'm so happy and proud for you ... Yes ....go and do the yearly pledge ...it's another tool to fight with ....
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    Soon, you will be able to be around smokers and not be tempted As long as you remain true to your commitment to Not One Puff Ever (NOPE) nothing can cause a relapse. The stench may become repugnant which makes it hard to be around smokers but, there is no crave. For some, profound feelings of compassion replace temptation. You are free, they are slaves to nicotine addiction. You can go 20 minutes w/out having smokey thoughts take over your life, they cannot. This freedom is so precious and worth everything to preserve. Protect your quit with your life.
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    There are no extra points for making quitting harder. Avoid those that would enable your addiction. Keep going!
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    You are doing the right thing Vivianne! Avoiding friends that would give you a cig would be pushing it at this early stage. You can and will face that situation later once your quit is stronger and you are making it that way daily now by adhering to NOPE! Trust in the process and stick with NOPE. You will never regret it, that's for sure!
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    Thanks all. Your words are encouraging. Do nott know if i told any of you but last year my first wife who i had 5 kids with died suddenly at age 60 on our sons birthday. It was hard because we were always friends. Even my present _sigh wife was friends with her. And this year my precious died at age 60 on our daughters birthday. Now my sorrow has turned into a bit of anger. Sorry to say that but i could have helped if she just wanted to try but alas as beautiful and kind and warm as she was she just didnt want to quit. When my time comes i will met her and kick her right in the ass , than grab her and hug her over and over, Damn i miss her. Okay on the brighter side 130 days and not a puff. Had mri's done on brain and back. The c-5 c-6 is herniated and the c-6 c-7 slightly. that is what is causing arm pain. Going to rehab and chiropractor for that. The brain test is inconclusive so far. Shows some type of movement but docs not sure if its lyme or just withdrawals and brain trying to adjust. Next step is an eeg on the brain on october 5 and a lumbar tap when the hospitol calls. Actually the brain fog has been slight the last couple days. Taking an extract from mushrooms . Its called lionsmane, please anyone with brain fog look it up. Seem like the real deal. Its for nervous system and memory problems. Well thats it for now stay smokless lol
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    Absolutely! It's not as fun as it might look. It's very thankless. I'm struggling to find stuff to do at break now that I'm not hurrying to smoke the whole time. It's actually a nice time!!
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    Ouuuu ..... I'll have the blue one please
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    First job I ever had was on a line, assembling TV's At first I was they person bolting the transformer onto the TV chassis then graduated to filling in spots on the line for bathroom breaks.That was a long time ago and to this day I remember spinning those 4 nuts onto 4 bolts as the line moved on relentlessly. Yeah, I know exactly what you're saying about time to think. Direct those thoughts toward the benefits you'll be enjoying from quitting. Better health, more $$ to spend on things you want, not smelling like a stale ashtray, feeling proud of yourself for knowing what you can do in quitting the smokes. The list goes on an on.
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    Not really adding anything new here but still gunna chuck in me two bobs worth....so @Paul723 gave you the science....those nicotine receptors are going bat shit crazy as you starve them and turn them off one by one...they are in panic mode....and in the past when you are stressed or scared you smoked...so the little buggers push the shit out of those buttons. There were a whole slew of things I thought I'd dealt with as a kid that resurfaced when I quit .. things I thought were resolved bubbled to the surface...the way I looked at for me it was all about control and I couldn't control my childhood or change the past what I could control was smoking...I was in charge of that...I controlled that...and I kinda liked being the fat controller.....but it boils down to two things said already... (Paraphrased) As @Lilly said YOU ARE WORTH IT...and @Linda Thomas said we are here for you. You aren't alone, you are safe, and I can guarantee at least one other member here has walked in your shoes. As you grow you your freedom you level up to the next version of yourself...still the same but stronger and with smoke free super powers.
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    @Paul723 and taking your advise right away! I am getting the dog and go for a long brisk walk in the rain... So if I don't respond right away, don't worry! I am walking it off!!
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    @Lilly thank you so much.. kinda made me cry.. I will not give my ex, addiction and past any more power, you are right.. Having a hard time to seperate emotions from reality.. Ps. The fact that I posted this here means I do feel safe now.. and that's all on you guys..
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    Used to happen to me too when i was a bit excited , i always thought a smoke would complete me when i was excited . But , keep fighting
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    You are all so very helpful! Thank you!!
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    I agree with reciprocity Vivian, and your friends will totally understand. You're doing great! And I love your boyfriend, he's so supportive
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    Oh jumping in... Friends.....I quit in the middle of softball season....lots of me softball mates are smokers...I couldn't avoid them...I will confess to doing the 2nd hand smoking thing but I would have 1 wiff then be off....see I knew I couldn't avoid it, so quick sniff opposite side of the dugout....my rules were simple, I'd allow myself to smell it but I was not having a puff ...it only took a few weeks and U didn't even want that smell hit. But I prooved to myself I could do it. Post workout.....expanding on Jill's healthy snack suggestion...carrot or celery sticks...you can air smoke them AND have a nice crunchy chewy snack. In my early quit I had a phone app...it had a crave buster feature...this was that card flip memory game....ran for 3mins on repeat...only once did I need to go back to back to beat a crave ..see your brain can't focus on a crave when you are making it do something else. Minesweeper worked too.
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    Thank you Jillar! Your air cigarette is quite famous by now.. I've seen it on the forum a couple of times, so I will give it a go!
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    Congratulations on 130 days quit Richard I'm glad the brain fog is starting to get better. And I'm glad you've found an answer for your arm pain so that now you can get the care you need to fix it. I have a lot of respect for you that you've lost two wives in two years and still managed to quit and stay quit. I'm also sad for your son who now shares his birthday with the death of his mom
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    Here is Joel's take on 'breaks'
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    You don't smoke anymore, Ms V. So, let these anxieties and fears wash right out of you. They belong to the addiction. You are a free woman, now, building yourself a strong and sturdy quit. Make sure you reward yourself for conquering the latest episodes, this is important work.
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    Mind over Matter ==> If you don't mind ... it don't matter. EZPZ
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    My heart goes out to you, I know the Pain and the loss you speak of. It is a beautiful thing you have done here, I hope all that read this truly understand.
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    Thank you, as always! I hope I am helping others as I go! That would be wonderful I am guarding my quit with my life, - I cannot give up! I didn't suffer for nuttin' ... no way!
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    Congrats on 7 days (Hell week Done)! It's a crazy journey in the beginning. Your whole world (and mind) was turned upside down and shaken into a jumble but from that jumble, you will build a new life. A nonsmoking life that will be richer and healthier than you can imagine. It will all be more than worth the temporary struggles. You are on track now and moving forward. Don't give up an inch of that hard fought for ground. It WILL get easier all the time. Wear that pride on your sleeve because others need to know what a great thing you have done for yourself
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    I had very little confidence, when I started my quit. I was so ashamed of smoking. The forum really held me up through my quit. Every day without that cigarette, gives you so much power. Stay close and we will help you get there too!
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    A very sweet picture. My father-in-law also died of smoking related lung cancer. I thought it was a terrible death. I still continued to smoke thinking it would not affect me, I am young and will quit, .........................42 years later and I was still smoking and making excuses. I pinch myself everyday and can't believe I have finally quit and how powerful I feel. You will get there too mrsguest.
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    What a beautiful picture, mrs. You quit smoking ! Look forward, soon you will have confidence in the quit you are building. Build it sturdy and strong and the benefits will shine on all parts of your life. I am so glad you found us !
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    I'm sorry about your dad mrsguest, my dad and his little brother (my uncle) both died of smoking related cancer. My uncle in 2000 and my dad just two years later and I too continued to smoke until 2016. We can't change the past. Be proud that you have now quit because I know your dad would be proud
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    Oh Vivianne, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Those feelings are normal early on as our brain adjusts to no more chemicals or nicotine. You've been given great advice and support above. Lean on us whenever you need, call your boyfriend or better yet go play the more fun version of chicks and sticks with him lol. It won't be long before your self esteem starts rising and all the emotions you're going through right now calm down
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    *Hugs*!!!!! I survived and it passed.. I feel way better then I did today..
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    Most of the nicotine has left your body, V. Now, it is addressing craves and triggers. You are doing so great, it is a pleasure to witness your quit. Stay focused and committed to Not One Puff Ever and you will not go wrong.
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    Doing great Viv. As you power through each day, you become more powerful and strong. Be proud of yourself.
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    you may well have to adjust medications, @Vivianne Medication Adjustments That May Be Necessary After Quitting Smoking Have a good time, V !
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    Hi jillybean, how are you doing?
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    Love your cover pic Richard. You two (and the hand) look very happy there. Those are the memories to hold on to.... Oh and great taste in beer
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    So sorry I forgot to reply to this! I will totally mail you $20! And thank you
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    Thank you, Linda I think I am addicted to the forum, lol I want to post a LOT but I restrain myself.
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    me too, Hellkat. Thinking about you.
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    I actually canceled the wig and rarely wear the one I did get. I really think I was just emotionally all over the place at the time I ordered them. I've found that wearing a turban or scarf is way more comfortable and cooler and are my go to when I go out. When around my family I just rock the natural bald look - well stubbly look at this point lol. I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog so here's a bit of what's been going on: This Saturday will be 1 wk since I've been on the chemo pill Tagrisso and so far so good. I go back in a week for them to do an EKG and labs to make sure all is going A-OK. The fatigue of the radiation seems to be wearing off as I've had more energy this week however the loss of appetite is still there even when my stomach growls. I make sure that I have protein shakes on hand and try to eat several small meals through out the day. At first I was more worried about eating all 'good foods' but for now I just eat what I want so I'm not losing weight. I figure better something than nothing. I also set up an appt. to speak with their counselors hoping they would be a good sounding board for me, I've never been to one so not sure what to expect. In the mean time and in between time we try to get out at least 3x during the week which is perfect. On the off days we just Netflix and chill. My sister is joining me for yoga classes for cancer patients at our local YMCA and a mediation class once a week. We also booked a trip to Orlando in October for a girls only trip so looking forward to that. Other than that I'm just taking it all day by day and keeping up the good fight! I know theres alot forgetting and will try to update more as I go along.
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    I'm actually enjoying this relaxation thing. My body can feel it and is saying 'UM HELLO - THANK YOU!!' I don't feel near as tense or amped up and my back has already loosened up from just a few hours of chilling. We just put an an oldie but goodie - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Some background noise to take a nice nap to. The pups are being sooo good. Definitely some rib bones coming out tonight when all is said and done. I did really well driving myself today, was a tad nervous but did just fine. I used to take that daily route every workday before they moved our office so being familiar with the area and knowing the backstreets helped a lot. Only 4 more radiation treatments left and each one seems to go by faster than the last. And talk about a small world!!! Turns out the A/C guys that are here doing the install happen to be an old friend from high school and his two sons! On top of my mom being close with the owner and them all knowing my situation just makes me that much more at ease!! I told them to just take run of the house and if they needed anything from us to just knock on the den door and let us know. It's so funny how things just seem to work out when they do even when everything else seems against you. I'm just going to enjoy the good vibes of this week and maybe even catch a kat-nap!!
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    Yes, yes, yes!!! The body will only put up with the nicotine abuse for so long and then.......all hell breaks loose! ?
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