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    Hey Nana, Hang tough. Breathe through this and calm yourself. Craves do not last all day. Time them. They are actually short lived. In the beginning, I opted for obsessing over the crave which prolonged my distress. I had a few epic tantrums. Then, I started to cut the thoughts loose and purposefully change my thinking by looking at something beautiful or listening to something beautiful while in the throes of a crave. Even though I was kinda sorta faking it, my brain caught on and found more beauty to admire. If you smile, even smile a fake smile, endorphins are distributed automatically. I used this to great advantage. Chocolate also, lol. Hang in there, Nana. You won't be here ever again as long as you keep your commitment to NOPE.
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    Lets do it. I am in need of a quit mate. So we will help each other out. Lets NOPE our way, all the way.
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    Yeah most of my post even though they are to other people are mostly about me working through my quit. It sure hasn't been easy. I am doing this quit so differently than I have in the past. I have kept for me what works, but I am building this quit off of me. Like normally I would be eating sunflower seeds until I just can't eat anymore and then I am forced to put them down, but the thing is all I did was transfer my addiction over to the sunflower seeds. So when I get to the point where I can't eat sunflower seeds I end up relapsing. I am not using sunflower seeds this time. My last quit I used Chantix and I quit smoking, I allowed my junkie side to persuade me into believing that a road trip would be to much to handle 5 months into my quit and said I will only smoke for the weekend and when I get back on Monday I would put them down. So I let my junkie side talk me into throwing that quit away. Not this time. When I get off the Chantix this time I am going to stay on Burpropion for at least a year to make sure it is a solid quit. I am taking what has worked for me in the past and helped me quit, but not aide in a relapse. All I know is this. I can spout that I want to quit because I want to be healthier and I want this or I want that. The point of the matter, brass tax, or the truth IS I just don't want to smoke. I am tired of smoking. I am tired of always having to light up because I just need a fix. I don't enjoy the taste of it anymore. I mean not really once in a blue moon I would light a cigarette up and be like ohhh that taste so good. No that never really ever happened. There were times when I didn't mind how it tasted, but for the most part if I had to imagine what ass taste like it would be a cigarette. Even with that disgusting image in my head I still smoked. So to say that I am quitting because of that, no. I am quitting because simply I just don't want to do it anymore. An now I am having to fight, but I got this..
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    Oh yeah I know we definitely have to work at it. The ironic part is when you start smoking (the very first time the time that started this all)you have to work at doing it because it taste nasty, you cough, and you find it vile and disgusting. Then the nicotine monster starts to get its claws hooked in you and all. As the nicotine monster is doing his job you junkie voice kicks in saying you got this. They are starting to taste good now, they are starting to make you cooler, and you don't cough anymore. Then the junkie voice then tells you to keep on going you got plenty of time to quit. So you do. Now here you are damn near 30 years later and your stuck in this push and pull you want to quit so bad that every time you smoke a cigarette you pray that you could quit. Then something happens or you really start to think about it and you finally make the decision to quit. the whole smoking process is a battle. you battle to start, you battle to smoke. Whether it be your battling with yourself to quit or your lying to yourself and trying to convince yourself that you like it. It's all a battle. Then you battle to quit and then you battle to maintain that battle. If I am going to fight a battle it's going to be the quit battle and maintaining it. So I am choosing to maintain my quit by coming here and posting.
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    I am still a nicotine addict and always will be. There is no erasing addiction. You can and will get to a point where you live very comfortably without feeding your addiction but as addicts, we never can reset our brains to forgetting about addiction. That's why we must adhere to the NOPE principal for the rest of our lives. That may sound daunting to some but it's not! The key is abstaining from smoking while you educate yourself about nicotine addiction. Knowledge helps one understand that smoking .... feeding our addiction to nicotine, does nothing good for us - nothing! That's the place we need to get to where our addiction is no longer a threat to us!
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Well day 5 and I woke up pissed off and really craving a cigarette. So as far as days go this is by far the worst. Got mad at my husband for something he didn't do and to top it off I yelled at him for it. Then I been having cravings like all get out. I am NOPE'ing my way through and sticking close to the boards and staying away from everyone today.
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever
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    It's gone yet? Time to set off the fireworks? You can do this. Nana and I just decided this morning to become quit mates so we can lean on each other to support our quit. Since you also quit at about the same time, join us. We'll march together to our freedom from smoking.
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    Welcome aboard ... I agree.....trash all rubbish ....vape included.... I used regular gum ....it kept me busy .... Take time to read all you can here ...that will keep you busy too .... Best decision of your life ...
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    Welcome idontsmoke and congratulations on posting an SOS and getting past that craving Gum, mints, candy are all great ideas to keep your mouth busy. I was hooked on soft peppermint puffs for my entire first year of quitting lol. Throw the vape away too. You won't be needing that anymore! We're glad to have you join our merry train of quitters. You'll find members from all over the world and in all stages of quitting.
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    You got this. Treasure your 5 days quit Nana, stay on the Board. I'll be your quit mate, I'm looking forward to post anniversary celebrations at the same time with you every month, every year going forward. Let's do this, NOPE all the way.
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    Hello ! Trash it ! Get rid of your vape and anything else related to smoking ! You QUIT and have no further use of it. Why give it to someone else so they can injure and addict themselves ?
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    That's it Nana, stand your ground. Nothing good in life comes easy. We usually have to work for it. Quitting smoking is no different. So, stay safe, make smart choices and always remember the NOPE pledge.
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    You're right Jeff! Brain fog and No Man's Land don't lest forever as they are merely quit symptoms and they fade away relatively quickly. They seem like a big deal at the time, early on in your quit but, they quickly become a fleeting memory a year or two down the road.
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    From what I have learned, the brain of a former smoker will never be the same as that of a never-smoker. We can put our addiction to sleep but we will always be addicts. Regarding feeling back to "normal", everyone is different. Prior to this quit, I had been quit for over two years. It didn't take too long to feel good, maybe a couple of months, but I felt different than I did as a smoker. As a smoker, I didn't need much sleep. I was expecting to have all this extra time as a non-smoker but that didn't end up being the case because I needed more sleep time. It took quite a while to learn how to deal with emotions as a non-smoker, maybe 6 months. That is also the amount of time it took to stop thinking about smoking for long periods of time. Based on your comments, it sounds like you're pretty close to your new "normal". Enjoy!
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    From what I have learned about all types of addiction, I have to agree with the reply above me @reciprocity, Our brains where forever changed when we became addicted. That is why we can't have just one puff. Our brains don't work like a non smoker. When we take that one puff, our brains go right back to the same way of working as they did the day before we quit. Yes, we did do ourselves permanent damage when we became addicted. Maybe damage is too harsh a word. Let's say we changed our brain's way of working forever. The good news is that this change in our brains, or mind, can be worked around by never giving ourselves nicotine again. The receptors will give up on asking for the nicotine over time. I don't think Brain Fog or No Man's land lasts forever. I think that those issues are part of the quitting process and will eventually go away. This is just my opinion, I'm not a long time quitter! Take Care! Jeff
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    Today has been sooooo much better than the last couple days, thanks to everyone who came to my aid on the SOS board. I ditched my vape into the garbage and got some sugar free candy and mints. Its getting real....
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    Nothing embarrassing about coming back to quit again and likely save your life - nothing!
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    Yep I was with a slightly different username. I was embarrassed to come back with the one I used before LOL *blush* Thank you for the support. And yes you're right....I"m getting rid of it today. I've already thrown all the juice out.
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    Nana..... Our bodies have alot of healing to do ....we poisoned it for decades ....it takes time .... Be kind to yourself .... All is Temporary...... I Think having a quit buddy is great ......
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    I am on Day 5 of my quit it has seemed these last couple of days the mental craves have been much harder the last couple of days. I guess when I am faced with a really strong crave I come here. I don't always feel like posting and when I don't I read, but then there are days I do and I will post often. I am here for you if you need me.
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    Nopey Nope Nope NOPE.. Its been very close the last few days but NOPE
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    Yes thank you!!!!!
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this from @JohnQ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is a huge part of what makes this place so great. Newbies helping newbies. Thank you for your encouragement to all of us, John.
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    It's going to be a rocky day today for me dealing with a major issue, so I need to come here to pledge NOPE.
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    So proud of you, Nana. You are building yourself a strong and sturdy quit. This is awesome to watch.
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    Not giving it to someone else so they can injure themselves is something I thought of but kept coming up with reasons why it was okay..."me giving it to them wont hurt them any more than they are hurting themselves" "why waste it when someone else could use it" "its in perfect condition, its a shame to throw it away" but reading what you wrote snapped me out of it. Its not OK to give it to someone else. Thank you. I'm going to throw it away today. I feel much stronger, thank you
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    Breathe through this incident. Keep an eye on your blood sugar, sip on some fruit juice. Think of a reward when you emerge nicotine free . Rewards are super important. The Significance of Rewards How are you doing ? Still with us ?
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ NOPE love
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    I started smoking at 13, I think, and hardly remember what it felt like before that. My life was all about smoking. I smoked everywhere, anywhere. All the time. This was my life for 40 some odd years. I have been quit for nearly seven years now and haven't had a crave or a trigger in six of those years. The first year had some challenges where NOPE, my commitment to myself kept me Free. I knew in my heart of hearts I would not smoke again but, there were temptations to address. After that, I stayed current with myself by renewing my commitment to NOPE every morning and thanking myself for staying free each night. I maintain this vigilance. It is not a burden, it is etched into my consciousness. Here are some resources that address your issues, Being An Addict For The Rest Of Your Life The Differences Between Physical and Psychological Urges Craves Or Triggers That Occur Over Time
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    So after having some really bad dreams about not being able to find my husband pants. After dreaming about an oops. I have now woke up to the realization that it was all a bad dream and a real to life hard craving. So I came straight here to post and to pledge. So here I am pledging to NOPE!!!!
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    Well bit sad to read this post but I get it....pretty sure 26 yo Boo (not sure wot 26 yo Boo was up too but he gets dragged out pretty regular) would never have thought he'd grow up to be so sage and wise and that he would have such a fricken positive influence on so many lives of people all around the world. Or that he'd get a mental Aussie "Looney bird" to add country music to her playlist and not just think of it as noise pollution. You better get back here from time to time to brag about princess baby boo or ill be usin' me latent ASIO skills and I will find you and nag you until you do, I can be clever like that. Or-right hooroo for now and enjoy the shit outa whatever rolls ya way. You will be missed mate.
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    Hey !!!!...My lovely partner in crime .... We,ll see you soon ....Good luck in your new venture ..... Quit Train is excitingly waiting for our Maddie to come say hello.... Love to you and April .....❤
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    Thank you @Doreensfree I know that this is normal, and I think that is why I talk about it. I mean I talk about it so that way one you guys can tell me that its normal, but also for those newbies that are going to come in behind me and need to read these kind of post and be able to breathe easier knowing that they aren't alone and that someone has either gone through it before or is going through it now just like them, just like me. I also post because when I am down and I am needing some extra encouragement I come here and I read my post and I see the battles I have already gone through, but I can also see how I handled it, I can see how proud I felt, I can see my own strength in words that I have written. So I come here not only for support, but to keep a record of my strength. Because in the midst of a big crave we never feel strong, we always feel weak. and that in those moments we need to be reminded of our strength. OF our courage. Of our commitment. I also took the Pre-SOS post thing to a whole new level. I made a freaking video basically chewing myself out and building myself up reminding myself on why I want to quit. @johnny5 Thank you as well. I do understand that this is all normal. And I know the urges will ease up and eventually become non-existent. Obviously I am not over-confident because I am sticking close to the board today, but other than a few brief moments here and there it is easy. My concern a little to easy. IF you know what I mean. Although I am doing it and I am really amazed that I am doing so good. As I was writing my first blog, I have realized a few things. One I went into a complete meltdown on day two and didn't even consider smoking. I mean even though my whole body and my WHOLE mind was in a crave. I not once thought or said I should just smoke. my junkie voice didn't pop up didn't say anything. I mean I acted like a raving ranting lunatic, but smoking never crossed my mind. BUT... More than that I realized that I picked the most stressful, the most imperfect time to do this. I have had several people including my husband, my doctor, both best friends asking me if I was sure I wanted to quit right now. I realized something as I keep answering these people. I look at all the stress I am under. Lets start by naming them 1) Lost my job due to Covid-19 2) My Son lost his Job due to Covid-19 and decides to move to Florida where he wanted his son to be born. They move in with her parents and are good until about 3 weeks ago when they promptly kick them out. So here I am my son, his fiance and their 2 kids a 2 1/2 year old son and 2 month old son (my first bio-grandson(the 2 month old is my bio-grandson), second grandson(2 1/2)) they are taking over my house and the only one I don't mind being here is my 2 month old grandson and that's because he hasn't started moving around yet.(Once he gets on the move and until about 5 years old, I don't have patience for them not anymore.) So here I am my house is overflowing with people right now. 3) My daughter is 17 (6 months from 18) and well do I need to really say anymore about that.... 4) have you ever watched 2 new parents(because even though my son's fiance has a 2 1/2 year old, She hasn't really raised her first son) is stressful. Watching how easily frustrated they get and how they have ZERO patience. Then you add my husband complaining about them and there parenting or lack there of and you got me trying to help get not just the newborn on a schedule, but the 2 1/2 year old on a schedule. Which you can't do if you can't get the mom to stop sleeping all day and staying up all night. letting the kids sleep all day or I should say the baby sleeps all day and is up all night. The 2 1/2 year old I get to deal with until my son gets home and he then takes over. BUT......... YES, I WANT TO QUIT RIGHT NOW!!!! The reason is because it doesn't matter whether I wait for a less stressful time or not. I am still going to go through withdrawals. I am still going to have to learn how to deal with stress. I will most likely still have stress going on in my life. I am that person in my group that no matter what problems I have going on in my own life. I am the one people come to for advice, to vent too, to dump their baggage and there emotions on. Which I am glad I can be that person for my group of friends and family, So I am always stressed. I will always have a full plate. SO, YES I WANT TO QUIT RIGHT NOW.... I can do this. If I am strong enough to juggle my plate and everyone else's plate then I can quit and stay quit. I just have to be honest the entire way. I have to be truthful. Figure out what works and NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER AGAIN!!!!
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    So sorry to read this, Boo, but I definitely understand. Thanks for all the support, humor, music, wisdom, and other contributions that you added to this place. I do hope you still check in from time to time. Take care I hope all remains well with you and your family.
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    I smoked for 52 years !!!!! What happened in my quit I started to think of smoking less and less as time passed by .... Now I don't crave them at all....... Even when I went through a tough time last year ...I never gave them a thought... Every person is different ....and the Magic happens at different time of a quit ... But it happens .....If you dont light up again .....it's a journey ....not a race .....
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    G’day good on ya.....nana20. remember to take it by the minute hour day. Those minutes and hours and days get pretty priceless when we realise we have to hand the lot back on that firstbpuff
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    Not One Puff (or wire hanger) Ever!
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    Congratulations Mona, You are doing great. Make sure you treat yourself with a reward.
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