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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    NOPE - Smoking sucks!
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    Not interested in smoking...
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    Congratulations @Sirius on your Six Years of Freedom ! Your legacy lives on, I post this phrase that you shared with us many years ago. "The next time a craving plunks down on your face ask yourself, " What price you are willing to pay to own yourself?" It addresses THE issue involved in starting and maintaining a successful quit I quote you often. Thanks, man. Thanks a lot and I hope you have a spectacular celebration.
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    You can't be Sirius....6 years? That's a life-changing event.
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    Congratulations on six years free Sirius and thank you for staying and your continued support
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    Glad you are availing yourself of the resources, Jeff. That makes me feel good and should boost your confidence as it shows your commitment to your quit. You will succeed like this. The confidence will come with time as you face each trigger, conquer each crave. Be KIND to yourself, this is your new life. No need to push the river. Below, is two pages of personal experiences concerning, When Did You Have Confidence In Your Quit
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    I went down to the crossroads... In fact, we all went to the crossroads when we quit smoking. Made a big decision. Saw a promising path before us but had to put the mileage of the other path in the rear view. New paths always seem unnatural and make us question ourselves a bit. In time, you build confidence with the knowledge that you are going the right way. Then you just hammer down and enjoy the ride. Buckle up, knuckle down, and drive on.
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    G’day Bringing the outside in. Whilst not the best at arranging I had a go and bough in the best from our late autumn garden to brighten the room.
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    Good job Sirius. Congratulations.
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    Wow, not having any physical withdrawal symptoms sounds like a dream come true...run with it! Regarding the smoking urges (thoughts), there doesn't seem to be a way around that. Just need to wait for your brain to catch up with your desire to quit. Welcome aboard and best wishes to you for success!!
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    That is a siriusly long quit!
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    6 years smoke free is awesome, Sirius. Congratulations!
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    6 years is an incredible accomplishment, Congratulations.
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    Quitting with fellow Quitters ,made all the difference with this quit ...It makes a difference knowing folks have your back ...you can do it Jeff ...we have all been where you are .... Taking it one day at a time ... starting with a NOPE ...
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    NOPE~Never/Ever/Forever It is a commitment that I refresh each day I wake and give thanks about remaining nicotine free before sleep.
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    the alcohol theme, dry or not
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    Life throws us ... some crappy curve balls sometimes ...it throws us .... We have to take stock.....Smoking won't change anything ....you lose your beautiful quit .... The curve ball is still there ...it took me a while to understand this ... Smoking changes Nothing ...
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    I'm glad your fighting the urges and triggers. That's what this whole thing is. It's a fight against the nicotine monster for your life. So, there are going to be days where you will need to reach deep inside for something extra to get through the day. This will slowly get better as you build a strong and more viable quit. Everyday remind yourself why you are doing this and what are your long term goals. You are fighting to be a healthier father, husband and a healthier version of yourself. Nothing should stand in the of accomplishing this. Make smart choices each and everyday and remember NOPE.
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    So sorry about your cat, that's so hard. They are family.
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    Welcome JohnQ! Sometimes the excitement in the beginning keeps you going, then reality sets in and kinda freaks you out. When you decide that Smoking Is Not An Option, there is no failure to worry about. No smoking. No Matter What Not always easy, but we are here to support you. It's your choice, so take control. This is your sticky quit. Believe it. One day at a time...............
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    Thank you Jillar Thanks Doreen Thanks Boo
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    Feeling inspired by @Cbdave so just raised the parents garden and decorated their house...
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    I was thinking about just this the other day ... Someone asked me if I ever saw myself smoking again..only in my nightmares. I mean this is it people, I couldn't be any more confident in my quit than I am now. I don't even get the occasional twinge of want anymore. I love being free. Essentially I got meself some knowledge and I got meself some power.
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    I asked the 8 Ball Fortune Teller if your decision to quit 8 years ago was wise:
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    Stay safe and healthy y'all and if you haven't quit smoking, quit now and celebrate your freedom from addiction.
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    Great job Amierouge! Keep rolling with the punches cuz there will be fewer of them along the way and they will become easier to deal with. Distraction is your friend
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    Thanks Everyone! Yes, yesterday was a very sad day. But it will be fine with a little time. My wife and youngest daughter made the decision about the cat being put down. I totally agreed with the decision they made. We maybe could have kept her a little longer, but there was no reason to let her suffer when the vet says there's no fix. On to day ten. I was told to come on here and explain how I'm feeling as my quit goes along. Day nine was the worst day I've had in this quit by far! I Had the worst craving and urges today, well yesterday now. I held up, but it was really hard not to not give in. I continually used many different distractions. This started early in the day and only let up a couple of hours ago. Then I logged on here, as I do every night before I go to bed, and read all your comments to me. People that really helps! I'll be able to move on from here. I have to get my mind back in the game. My quit has to come before everything else. I'm completely drained of energy and at times I feel sick. A little nausea combined with nervousness, both at the same time. I'm not going to panic. I know what's happening, and I need to hang on for another day, then reassess things. I'm not done, just slowly tiring. @Sazerac I will watch the videos you recommended in the morning. @Boo I will be very grateful when I feel confident in this quit. So far I've been a little shaky and fragile in my quit. I Thank You for reminding me that it can or will happen with Nicotine the same as it did with alcohol. I'll be praying for the time. Take Care!
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    From and including: woensdag 22 augustus 2018 to but not including woensdag 27 mei 2020 Result: It is 644 days from the start date Or 1 year, 9 months, 5 days Or 21 months, 5 days Or... 55.641.600 seconds, 927.360 minutes, 15.456 hours, 644 days, 92 weeks. And... 176,44% of a common year (365 days)!!!
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    It was a tough day today. I was super cranky! @Mona I felt a little wobbly after each step. (Someone used the term “wobbly” somewhere on here. I think it’s perfect to explain how you feel.) It only lasted for a few days for each. I’m hoping this last one is the same. I did go for a walk and dig out in the garden a bit. It does seem to help.
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    Welcome to the Train JohonQ Just want to illustrate that with some slight change to your outlook, you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your quit "I want to make this time the last time I quit." Change this to ..... I am fully committed to making this the last time I quit! "I'm very worry that if these urges keep coming back I may fail again like all previous quit. I REALLY want to kick this addiction for good so help me God." Change this to ..... I'm not at all worried about occasional urges because they are just urges and I'm fully committed to quitting this time! I REALLY want to kick this addiction for good this time so help me God and nothing will stop me from achieving my goal! My point is, commitment & positivity will take you all the way to life long freedom. Trust me ..... it's true!
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    Do you act on every urge you have? I bet you don't. Why should the urge to smoke or vape be treated any differently than every other urge? The urges will be there, addiction is like that. When the urge to smoke or vape hits, you have a decision to make...just like you do to act or not act on any other urge. Choose wisely. Choose freedom. Welcome aboard the Quit Train John.
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