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    I work in a healthcare facility that was hit hard by COVID-19 early on. I got sick on 3/5 and test results came back positive on 3/9. This was a flu like no other. I was fortunate not to require hospitalization - only needed some IV fluids. I have since made a full recovery. Home isolation was lifted yesterday after meeting all the criteria and follow up testing. I can say with absolute certainty that if I were still smoking there would have been a VERY different outcome. I hacked, coughed, and had breathing issues all the time before I quit. I truly don’t feel I would have had the fortitude to make it through the last few weeks if I started out with all those preconditions. If there were ever a reason to push you to quit smoking, this is it. DO IT NOW. Hope you all stay well.
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    Be safe, BAT. I am preparing red beans and rice, Caribbean flavors pork dish and roasted butternut squash for dinner. Going to find some steel drum music and a view of the beach with waves rolling in to put on the TV and have a dinner living room - island picnic. Friggin celebrating my 13 day (?) smoke free life!!!
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    Still the 23rd here...NOPE!! Dreamt someone gave me one and I lit it without thinking, took a drag, remembered that I don't smoke and became livid!! NOPE!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    NOPE!!! NOT TODAY!!!!
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    Woohoo helmethermit!! Whatever reason you quit is a good reason to quit! COVID 19 has got me scared to relapse so I'll take that side effect too. Welcome to the Train! Hold steady that quit and your first week will be behind you in no time. It gets easier the longer you do it! Hooray for you helmethermit!
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    hi all, when the lockdown was announced (coronovirus) i subconsciously did not stock up on any packs. i knew that it would be difficult or near impossible to buy any packs as long as this lockdown that could go on for a week or more would be in force. but somehow and for some strange reason i ignored this warning. it has been some 2 days now and i feel both weird and freaked out. i thought i would feel proud but i just feel nothing of that sort. i just felt a few craves but nothing serious. a part of me whispers that it is alright as i will go back to the devil once things get normal. i do not believe the fact that i can quit and/or defend my quit. a weak whisper that i will not get a better chance to quit. this is the only positive voice in my head. i have never been clean so long (never intentionally - beyond 24 hours) so i guess in a way this is my best quit chance. i do not know what i am typing right now too. i know i can give up but not too sure if i want to. i just want and need to prove to myself that i can break the addiction for good for some strange reason. The money saving and health benefits do not motivate me really to be honest. Anyway some 30 years of puffing some 40 a day - this is an ex sailor who just quit cold turkey by accident, lol. whether he defended his quit only time will tell. a confused isolated accidental quitter for now, take care all.
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    It took a pandemic scare to do it, but I'm quit one month.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    No No No, Boo. I have other methods of sacrifice in mind. Maybe to include @Nancy's strappy sandals.
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    I sacrificed myself years ago, @notsmokinjo.
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    I guess we could sacrifice Bakon to see if that'll work @notsmokinjo
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    Has anyone tried sacrificing a virgin yet?
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    @BKP, so glad to hear you are OK. So glad. All the climbing you have done since you quit strengthened your lungs ! Grateful for this. Stay well and get stronger. Thanks for the update.
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    Glad to see you made it through. A true testament to how important it is to quit NOW! Thanks for posting
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    Wow BKP, how scary for you! I'm glad you are fully recovered now. Thank you for sharing this with us. And thank goodness you quit smoking when you did so that you had the strength to get well!
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    Hello and welcome The money saving and health benefits do not motivate me really to be honest Never heard this before !!!!....usually a smoker is worried about one of them ...either wasting all thier hard earned money ...or dying ... Maybe you should read up on COPD ....this illness is something you don't want ...trust me ... I came to the boards with the threat of having limbs amputated....this motivated me ... There is only one rule to quit .... Don't stick anything in your mouth and set fire to it ....
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    I'm heading to darcy's for dinner.
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    Welcome to the Quit Train! Find ways to keep outsmarting the whisper voice...it is addiction. Choose Freedom. Stay seated on the train and enjoy the happy byproduct of quitting by default. I concur, I believe you subconsciously wanted to quit. Not a chance in hell I would've seen a lock down coming and not stocked up. I actually did the opposite with intention. Saw it coming and said I'll quit. I too have had a relatively easy ride. Though the last few days more and more cravings as my mood saddens.... keep NOPEing my way along the track and keeping busy with new routines.
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    This is not a strange reason to me. I always thought of myself as a strong woman. Then one day I said to myself, 'if you're so friggin' strong, how come you're a slave to tobacco ?' So, on a whim and as a personal challenge, I quit. Just like that. I gave it a year to see if I could do it and I did it. I freed myself from the slavery of nicotine addiction. That was over Six years ago. The first thing I did after destroying any remaining cigarettes was to learn everything I could about nicotine addiction, this helped me understand what my body and mind were going through. I suggest, you start your education if your want to prove to yourself that you can break your bondage to nicotine. This thread may help you navigate around 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine and to start your education, please avail yourself to Joel Spitzer's work and his Daily Quitting Lesson Guide Welcome to the Quit Train, helmethermit. You have begun a marvelous journey back to yourself.
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    Always happy to do my part!
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    Be as careful as you can out there, Kate. And thanks to you, too, for the work you do helping to keep the stores open.
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    The pandemic is precisely what got me to quit. I am a grocery store cashier, so I'm face to face, within a few feet, of people all day long. It's not "if," it's "when" I catch the virus. I am 69 years old, so I am already in a high risk category for complications with the virus. But I need the income and my store needs cashiers to help handle the high flow of traffic we have every day. It feels good to be useful right now, with everything on lock-down. Glad you made a full recovery. Thank you for the work you do.
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    So glad to hear you're okay now, Paul. You're really on the front lines working in a health care facility and hopefully you will have immunity to this virus now.
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    Thank you for sharing! So happy to hear you are OK!! Stay well!
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    Should I go ahead and wing him now in case I'm not around when the votes are counted?
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    Welcome aboard Helmethermit. You've already jumped in. Might as well keep swimming. Got a couple of days under your belt. Your mind is adjusting. Your body is healing itself. How you got here isn't important anymore. More important is that you continue to build on the momentum you have. Keep in mind the two rules of quitting and you'll be good to go:(1) DON'T SMOKE! (2) If you have any further questions, refer back to rule number one.
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    Welcome aboard helmethermit, it's a great decision you've made to quit during the lockdown. Hopefully as the days go by and you start seeing the health benefits quitting brings you'll decide to defend your quit. Smokers don't quit by accident. I smoked 35 years and always made sure I had cigarettes. You quit because subconsciously you want to quit. And trust me if you think you're having an easy quit now then you should probably keep this quit because the next time may not be so easy. One other thing, I waited until I had serious breathing issues to finally be ready to quit. Don't be stupid, dragging around an oxygen hose 24/7 sucks....
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    Thanks for sharing, @BKP! Glad to hear you are doing better now....and have fully recovered from the nasty Covid19 virus! Stay safe!
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    ^ dunno why I laughed, now it's in my bloody head along with the conversion formulas for the body to covert sucrose to glucose...a aagh...yep I listened to the links while cramming for pathophysiology.
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