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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Thank you., Sazerac. The warm welcome of QT folks is comforting and informative. Overall, I am surprised and deeply deeply grateful at the ease I am experiencing. Craves are short and gratefully NOPEing my way through. My head gives me the most doubt. Really love reading the threads of people's experiences and strategies .... laughing brings almost instant relief and connection to 'truth' for lack of a better/effective way to express. observations: I almost never remember my dreams, and have been remembering and having discomfiting dreams since I quit. yesterday I could taste every ingredient (as if each were being enunciated by a spelling bee contestant..lol) in one of my favorite comfort food dishes I have a short: attention span, fuse, laugh trigger and window for action am feeling ... more to say here, but short window for action. ha ha Enjoy the beauty of the day!
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    Darcy you amaze me! Incredibly upbeat and handling this quit well. I remember well my sense of smell improving, hence the increase in appetite. The only time it disturbs me is standing next to someone who just had a smoke...yech!
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    You're doing great Darcy The foggy head was the most frustrating for a lot of us. Just remember it too shall pass.
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    Do we dare ask how you acquired your toilet paper?
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    One and the same...all me. Kendra is a character from a book I admire. Had hoped to channel her spirit, presently I am not feeling the creative parts, so staying with given self perceptions. lol Celebrating taste and smell today. hurray. am feeling slow, slow , slow despite caffeine
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    Hi Andrew! I hope you are feeling better. Your anxiety could be directly related to smoking cessation. I can tell you that panic attacks have no power over you when you know they are based on nothing. Go get checked by a doctor to rule out anything physical. Then you can tackle the underlying emotional issue. Maybe some talk therapy, exercise, anxiety medicine or herbal tea will help. My anxiety is way down now after 57 days off the nicotine. I hope yours gets better too! Taking productive action really helps if you are a worrier. Hold on to your quit!!
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    Welcome, Ace! Congratulations for snuffing out the nicotine for good! She's not so sexy when you can't breathe to enjoy her! Watch out for day 6! You got this licked!
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    How's half a kg of each suit ya...you can keep the bum nuts, paper towel an liquid soap I'm sitting pretty for them .
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    How about my first born, you can have her...she can do laundry, will cook dinner, makes a decent cuppa tea or coffee...with minimal griping BUT she may avoid school.
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    Mmmm, I've got my eye on the mince beef and lamb and maybe some homemade jam. How much will 2 rolls of toilet paper and 5 bandaids get me? I could throw in a bottle of liquid soap, a paper towel roll, and 2 eggs, to sweeten the deal.
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    NOPE - Smoking sucks!
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    Score! A friend of mine found several bottles of the Knudsen Family brand "Just Blueberry" juice at a store in Hixson. I offered to pay for them, but he said it was a gift. When your pregnant wife is craving blueberry juice, you do what you have to do to score the juice.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    nice to be remembered. I remember you all, too. And nice to meet many new folk. gracias, gracias, gracias for the continued support.
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    I think this is called slave trading notsmokinjo can't remember when it was banned
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    I remember you too Darcy/ Kendra.... Good on you ...getting back on the Train ....you can do it .... Let's make this your sticky ....
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    Hoping I get hand sanitizer clean
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    I'll swop ya ...1 toilet roll for a mug of pasta....none here ...
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    I had to look back through my post to figure out which were the bum nuts, so I guess I'll be keeping those although I may never look at them the same way again. Other than that, your offer seems more than reasonable and I will reward your generous spirit by throwing in 2 extra rolls of toilet paper.
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    Glad you're feeling the freedom.
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    Glad you're getting some pep in your step Ace, it is an awesome feeling of pride when we see we really can quit this nasty addiction
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    walked a brisk mile enjoyed the sun setting behind the lake and the smells of the thaw!!
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    Looked on our Kafkaesque shelves stock
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    The urges come complete with a vision of some sexy centerfold cig calling out to me, but I know it’s not reality. Nothing sexy about cigs. Day 5 and learning new routines being smoke free you guys rock thank you for the encouragement!!
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    I am so glad you are back, Darcy, and are rocking this quit. Congratulations on Five days of Freedom. The return of Taste and Smell is well worth celebrating ! Your rosy glow is returning, your cilia are busy scrubbing themselves free of tar and other poisons. Breathe deep, You Quit Smoking !
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    We have a Pre-Respond To Your Own SOS thread that has been remarkably important in saving many a quit. Here, you reiterate the reasons you quit and want to stay quit in your own words. This not only solidifies a quit, it also helps us respond to an SOS,
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    Sorry you have to cancel @forestgreen but better safe than sorry. And at least you'll more than likely get a full refund because of the virus and travel bans
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    yep, pretty much all the nicotine has left your body. Congratulations on Day 4 ! You are right, it is the mind game now. Facing social triggers, seasonal triggers, habitual triggers. Some of these craves might come right out of the blue, don't be surprised. Just NOPE your way through them. Each crave/trigger you conquer claims that brain receptor back to You. Rewards are super important in training your brain to dispense endorphins appropriately now that it is not under nicotine's control. You Quit Smoking, AceWhite ! Congratulations. Stay vigilant and committed to NOPE. You are going to really love this freedom.
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