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  1. G’day NOPE starts my day
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  5. Nope My husband loves to cook with bourbon and bacon!
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  7. Gday Not One Puff Ever....!
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  8. Good morning fellow NOPErs....so here I was all ready to shout out international juggling day but NOPE.....today is Boo's wedding day...so best wishes mate, may the NOPE be with you. Sending best wishes for a long and happy life to Boo & Sugar Britches ...that's a yep....... Putting something in my mouth and setting it on fire.....that's a NOPE, today, tomorrow and forever.
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  10. Woohoo it's Friday...nothing beats a NOPE on Friday...well some things do, but ya know, mixed company and all . So not only is today smoke free but it is also Bourban Day ... Ye it's a thing, so even in the drinking days was not really a fan but millions of peeps around the world love this stuff so thank you America....see technically, if you are an alcohol snob, to be considered a Bourban it must be made in the USA and have at least 50% corn, which is what gives it that distinct taste.... So happy Bourban day. NOPE....cause I deserve to breath easy.
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  11. Don't you girls know that you're great the way you are? Dinner bell is ringing. Isn't it good that we had this pre-dinner discussion?
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  12. Weegie nailed the spoo and turtling is when you are hanging for the dunny and like a turtle poking its head outta it's shell a hard poo starts poking its head out ya body.....you've not been there, done that?
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  13. Anyone else nervous about farting now?
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  14. In the year 25 25 oops dating myself with that song title lol. But seriously fay 25 and no to ciggies
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  15. Great job @freeatlast! You are officially though the hardest month of all so celebrate wildly then back to work on month 2
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  16. I've not laughed so much since the night with Barry and the pineapple?
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  17. Hiking Mt. San Bernardino Peak on Saturday Could I do that if I were still smoking? nope
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  18. Do you's think Joe will be holding in his farts through dinner?
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  21. Wow! 2 Years already @justanotherme. A huge accomplishment and a shining light to others here just beginning their journey! Hope you celebrate YOUR day and maybe drop by and let us all know how you're enjoying your smoke free life
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  22. Congrats Solo fo reaching another milestone on your quit journey! You are into serious quit territory now and only a month away from the half yesr mark so be sure to celebrate today in some way. You're doing great!
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  23. Does it get much bigger than farting, sharting, turtling, spooing, spewing, and pooing?
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  24. Spew and poo? Is that food poisoning?
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  25. Who put shitty underwear in my bin?
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  26. Excuse me lol it's never happened to me?
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  27. Am I the only one that has never heard the term shart before except here?
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  28. This one goes out to @Boo....not sure you will even log on today.....
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  29. What do you do, carry spare underwear in your handbag?
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  30. Can you believe I did the same thing but in a bar bathroom trashcan in Florida?
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  31. Can you believe my husband sharted in his pals house and swiftly went to the loo and put his boxers in the bin???? In the bin!!! Well caught when his pals wife cleans the bathroom
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  32. Isn't it the sharting and not the farting I should be concerned about?
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  33. NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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  34. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! And maybe a happy bourbon day to all also!!
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  36. So if you haven't sharted have you ever had a turtle or spoo?
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