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    Thursday 13th June is Sewing Machine Day... Did you know that the sewing machine is a French invention from the 1830s? Well it is. It wasn't that long ago that every house had a sewing machine, now not so much. But if you do have one, pull it out and have a go, busy work on the machine is a great way to kill a crave. NOPE.... Not today, tomorrow or ever again.
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    Nope, for today 12th June
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    Wednesday 12th of June sees the sunny USofA gift us with National Beef Jerky Day...while dried and preserved meats are feature of global cultures the term Jerky is an American derivative of a Spanish word stollen from one of the traditional South American languages....and like so many other things from around the world my people have taken it and perfected it.... And so on Beef Jerky Day I say... NOPE....not one puff ever!
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    You have this sunshine. Those cravings always pass. You are only going forward now and smoking is behind you!
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    Congrats on reaching the 3 month milestone of your quit! You're 1/4 way through your first year and have established a solid quit now. More work to do yet but first, take a little time to celebrate all your hard work!
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    Never heard this, after i heard He ain't got laid in a month of Sundays Caught him once and he was ........ I had to listen to song lol
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    Jerky is a form of meat preservation in which fresh meat is dried to prevent it from spoiling. The word “jerky” comes from a South American native tribe called the Quechua, originally part of the ancient Inca empire, as early as 1550. They called it ch’arki, which means “to burn (meat)”. The Quechua used meat from the alpaca and llamas that was boned and defatted, cut into slices and pounded thin, and rubbed with salt. The meat was then sun dried or smoked over a fire. The Spanish Conquistadors picked up on this and eventually named it Charqui. When they invaded the Americas they saw that the natives of North America were drying meat from buffalo, elk, and deer as well. It did not take long before the natives adopted the Spanish term, Charqui, only adding their accent and the word “jerky” was born. This method of preserving meats enabled people to consume high protein fuel that was readily available and eat it when food was scarce. Jerky became a staple foodstuff for early American pioneers and cowboys. Over the years people discovered that the meat could be made more palatable by the addition of various spices, consuming it for its taste rather than out of necessity. Many flavors, styles, and different types of meats have been prepared as jerky and is it is now one of the world’s leading snacks. Another similar product, pemmican, was developed by the North American Cree Indians. Pemmican is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein from large game animals such as buffalo, elk or deer, with the addition of specific ingredients that were usually whatever was available, such as cranberries and saskatoon berries. The meat was cut into thin slices and dried over a slow fire or in the hot sun until it was hard and brittle. It was then pounded into very small pieces using stones. The shredded meat was mixed with melted fat. If available, dried fruits were pounded into powder and added to the meat/fat mixture. The resulting mixture was then packed into rawhide pouches for storage. Contrary to popular belief, beef jerky is actually a healthy snack. It is an excellent source of protein, low in fat and calories, and has minimal carbohydrates per serving. It is a no mess snack, great for lunches, after school snacks, traveling and camping. Jerky also has a long shelf life, which makes it perfect for family preparedness kits. www.hicountry.com
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    You have a lot of time behind you at this point, much more than in the past. You have doing well on this quit, just let the cravings pass, they will pass quicker each time -- also shows why getting thru that first year is important. You can and are doing this -- Keep Strong!!!!
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    https://fox6now.com/2019/06/11/police-chief-gives-575-ticket-to-driver-for-throwing-lit-cigarette-out-car-window/ Good..
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    Just look at your ticker and see all the time, money and cigs NOT smoked you'll be giving up if you cave to a crave sunshine. You've got past lots of worse craves so you can get past this one too. Good on you for posting!
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    Hi jan and Welcome. I have had quite a few quits and even blown a long quit, something will click eventually that this is an addiction and nicotine is a drug. Cigarettes are poison and like mentioned our mind becomes our worst enemy. Replacing the smoking with something else was the trick for me, i used a straw when i would normally reach for a smoke. I would grab candy go for a walk and i started to exercise more and associate that anxious feeling with a healthy choice over smoking. The first few weeks are the toughest but worth it. Move a muscle, change a thought was my goto every time i was struggling. I'm no super human, actually i'm just an average man. If i can do it you can do it
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    Welcome Jan. I have tried every one of those quitting remedies and none of them worked. I was not able to quit until I found this wonderful forum. There is a lot of information, support and humor here. They guided me through the difficult days (which really is only hell week) and made me realize that wanting to quit was way more powerful than that crave. Once you get a few weeks under you belt, the rest is really changing your thinking. Quitting smoking changes you life for the better. Just stay close to the forum and call out if you need us. We are there to help you through this journey!
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    Set a goal of three days without smoking. Whenever you get the urge to smoke, quickly shift your focus onto something else because the crave will go away in a few minutes. I think your mind is your own worst enemy right now. How much of the educational material and videos have you read/watched on this site? Immerse yourself into this and learn about this drug addiction because once you do, you're armed with the knowledge never take another puff.
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    Glad they brought it back
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    We can learn so many things on this forum, or it shows we can have too much time on our hands (being retired this definitely applies to me) !!!
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    Congratulations. I have a very addictive personality so I have never purchased a lottery ticket. Yeah, never… So, I’m not addicted to gambling. That’s a good day…
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    I had an uncle that smoked and he threw a lit cig out the window as he was driving down the street he lived on (my family lived 2 doors down). It flew into the back seat of the car and smoldered for awhile, I guess....then it burst into flames in the middle of the night! Neighbor called fire department. According to neighbor, the FD said they got there just in time before car blew up! Down at my house, we were all fast asleep and were shocked to see the big mess and the burnt hulk of his car sitting in driveway...and the stench of it all!
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    Congrats on 10 months Christa!
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    10 months -- awesome job you should be seeing the lights of the Lido Deck soon - almost there. Congrats and you had better take some time to celebrate, you deserve it!!!!
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    Yay Christa, congratulations!
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    Congratulations on achieving a 10 month quit!!!
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    Anytime spent with grandchildren is so special. Enjoy making memories with your family!
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    Hurt like a motherfrucker
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    Actually Boo this is on point. Well balanced and don't constantly worry -- keep it all in perspective and listen to your body -- then enjoy!!!!
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    Thank you hope so nope i know so lol. Had a good day and a half. Than felt like crap again today. Sore and a little foggy but not as bad as when it first started. Was out weedwacking and mowing so that can be part of it too.
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    I was as addicted as anyone, but never even considered smoking in an airplane bathroom. I mean, they make it pretty clear that it's not allowed, so that's that. At least for me. I'd either chew nicotine gum or just deal with the cravings. You can be damn sure the first thing I did was go out and smoke the minute I got off that plane though.
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    thank you i will be here daily just to be reminded how many people care and know what i and others are going through. Feeling a bit less dizzy today which comes and goes
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    I'm not proud of this, but I would chew some of that nicotine gum when I had to fly. Still remember being in that awful smoker's lounge in the airport (you remember...the place with the stained gray walls that smelled like the Devil's asshole) chainsmoking and popping pieces of Nicorette before boarding the plane. Being an addict is no way to live.
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    Just watched my last grand baby graduate. He grew up so fast. A very special grandson.
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    Anything to get their fix, there's a show a A&E about jail and they blow the smoke in the toilet and flush.
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    We all know the more known problems from years of smoking (Cancer, COPD, Heart problems and such) but their are some problems that are lesser known. Today I am going to the dentist to start fixing my mouth. Most of the problems are tied in with my smoking over those many years, something I really did not think about. For the past year it has been very difficult for me to eat and also a lot of pain. Now I have been dealing with COPD (at this point stage 1 and has done much better since quitting and not really advancing at this point) but now I have to deal with all these upcoming dental appointments to include 3 different appointments for oral surgery (first this morning) then several appointments to replace several missing teeth. I do not enjoy going to the dentist but most of all I do not enjoy what this will be doing to my wallet. At this point it is going to be close to $20,000.00 (there goes all the money I have been saving from my quitting). The main point here is not sympathy for me but to let others know to include those that are lurking and have yet to make the choice to quit is that you really need to understand everything that smoking cigarettes can do to you. It all sneaks up on you and will cost you both to health and to your wallet. I have done this to myself and I must take accountability for my actions but hopefully others will see this and do some serious thinking!!!!!!! Quit now so that you can live a better life in so many ways!!!!! Sorry about the long post but I get really anxious about going to the dentist, oh alright -- scared, and it is about an hour before I can take the sedative -- anyway good day to all.
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    Way to go Nopester and congratulations on the two year quit. I also remember you from the QSMB. Best wishes and I wish I had the knee`s to cycle 30 miles!
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