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    Absolutely, Positively, NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! As I continue to march on
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    Not today - no siree
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    NOPE - life is much better without cigarettes.
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    Good evening, I just put out my last cigarette. I am looking forward to having a supportive community to aide in my journey of healing from this terrible drug addiction. I smoked a pack a day, and am looking forward to finally ridding myself of this nicodemon. I believe in myself and am excited for the challenge. What I am most looking forward to is healing my mind body and spirit from what I consider a 10 year nightmare. I am embarrassed I got hooked but the only way to heal is to forgive myself and choose better for my future. I am determined and ready. I know it will be challenging but I am worth it and I am quitting for myself first and foremost. Very excited to experience a life nicotine free, it has been so long that I don't know how that looks or feels. Thank you in advance for any supportive words and encouragment.
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    Gday NOPE starts my day
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    I had some unexpected things come up that I had to deal with, sorry I missed your 2 month Anni on Monday @Lilly.... And everyone else that I missed.
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    Welcome aboard freeatlast and newest member of the 2019 Ashkickers, congratulations on deciding to take back your life There's a train full of support here so be sure to stick close especially in the first few months of your quit. There's lots to do here to not only help educate you on this addiction but also help keep your mind occupied and off the craving so be sure to check out all our various forums. Also we have an SOS board for those who feel they may cave to a crave. We ask that you give us a chance to help you past it by posting an SOS. I've seen it work many, many a time and used it myself in my early days.
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    Wow! 4 months quit already @Solo! You're doing fabulous. I hope things are getting easier for you and you are enjoying some of the benefits of quitting. Sorry I was late in posting this but I do hope you celebrated in style to recognize all the hard work you've put in Stop by and let us know how you're doing.
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    Congratulations Ferimeth for reaching the 1 month smoke free milestone in your journey to freedom! That 1st month is the hardest and it will continue to get easier for you as you keep travelling your quit path. Be sure to reward yourself with something special today. Rewards for all your hard work are important. Great job - we're proud of you!!
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    Great work D1. You are officially another month quit, your quit foundation getting stronger all the time. Stay close to the forum when you need support because we're always here for you Be sure to celebrate and reward yourself with a little something special today. We're all here cheering you on!
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    Thanks recip and everyone. I keep on moving forward. A bit easier then first month but no walk in the park. Mindset alit better and accepting the fact that I am doing this and it is so doable. Continue to read and watch videos as I can never educate myself enough on this addiction. Learn something new every day. By no means is this easy but I continue on knowing the day will come when cigarettes no longer cross my mind.
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    Welcome to Quit Train freeatlast! You will find all the support you will want or need here. Sound like you have a great attitude at the start of your quit. Yes it's tough but that's the price we all must pay to rid ourselves of the Nicodemon. Life on the other side is much, much better in more ways than you can realize until you turn your back on this nasty addiction. Read all you can here and watch the Joel videos. Education is one of your greatest tools in fighting this addiction. Stay close to the site. It will help you
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    years ago meaning a failed quit...9 months i have been fully done. thank you!! thanks so much! i must say this pic looks like my husband as a child so much!!!
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    Welcome aboard and all the best for your quit...you will find a lot of support here
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    Welcome to the forum. You sound like you are ready to take this on 100% so wishing you a great first day. Shout if you need any help.
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    Hey there Freeatlast, Your name gives an inkling to precisely how you must be feeling right You've taken a courageous step, and shown yourself some long overdue love. My advice is pretty much along the lines of what @jillar mentioned, educate yourself, know thine enemy, learn to understand your triggers and try to stay away (I know it's tough) from stressful situations. Read, read, read. And yes, shout out whenever you need help, you'll be surprised at how many of us are cheering you on. We may not be with you physically, but we're with you in spirit. Just remember, take it one crave at a time and yes, reward yourself for the milestones just to recognize how awesomely dedicated you are. Best of luck.
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    Thank you Jillar!!! So excited to be an ashkicker!!
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    This is what I've been up to!!! 2years quit!!! And, to celebrate?? We bought our first house!! My new beautiful home to compliment my new beautiful life! (Maybeee it wasn't because we quit (because husband is still quit too!) but it IS convenient that we closed last week...a week before my quitiversary) I love loVE LOVE my quit; I still carry it proudly and use it to encourage anyone who is still addicted to quit. They STILL don't like to hear how easy it was, but if I can just keep planting that seed... maybe one will grow. And, let me tell you, losing my phone was another spiritual experience for me as it freed my mind and heart from distraction. I feel like I am putting more time in where it matters, the kids, my husband, the house work. It made me take an honest look at me and if I filled my cigarette hole with phone addiction. I came to the conclusion that I kind of did...not intentionally, but just needing an instant fix was an addicted sign that I learned to recognize while I quit smoking. So, seeing that big red flag of NEED over my phone being gone was a sign for me to clean up my act. I honestly truly feel like a new breath of life was given to me when I chose to quit smoking...what a beautiful thing. I love you guys and I hope everyone has a glitterful day!!
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    Congratulations @c9jane29 on your second year smoke free You are very missed here and we would love to hear how you are doing. Hope you're loving your smoke free life
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    Nope not ever again!
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    Hi freeatlast! So glad you have made the choice to quit. Many of us smoked for way more years than you. Do not be embarrassed. The addiction robs us of our reasoning. As you travel your journey to freedom, you will feel so empowered and your self esteem will grow. It truly is just a short bumpy ride for about a week, until you are nicotine free. The rest of the process is just redirecting your brain. Just shout out if you need us. We all have been where you are at.
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    Welcome aboard Free. Good call on giving up the smokes. I'm always encouraged by simplicity. And the good news is this: quitting smoking could not be any simpler than it is. You don't have to do anything. Just don't smoke. Simple as can be yet a process that will change your life for the better. There is nothing not to like about that.
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    Congratulations Depersate1 on two months quit, you're doing awesome!
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    Lilly thanks for posting this, I too was worried about Jo and looks like she reached out. Jo, hope all is well and glad you are still out there!!!
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    My snniversary thread is not important - all that matters is you're ok. I was just worried you weren't well x x
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    Here's the logo if you want to put it in your signature We also have tickers that you can make that will show you how much time, money saved and cigarettes not smoked you've saved since you quit. Super motivating
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